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  1. Manuals are what I have. I paid $300 mint for them. I've seen them for $350 a few times and $400 all day for a pair sold my shredded garbage vaders for $600 and the stripes off the old rear seats for $150.
  2. They were probably cracked before his "track experience"..
  3. Why? They're silly looking, uncomfortable, and good ones are over a grand.. Buy E46 M3 seats for $350 a pair in mint condition. Way more comfortable and better bolstering.
  4. How many suspensions were you doing?
  5. I've seen that thread.. its one wheel.. Sure they crack they're light and cheap.. But the internet lore is when a couple of incidences make it like 1000s of them fail catastrophically. there's always a trade off... light, strong and cheap.. All wheels come with 2 of those choices.. No you shouldn't daily them in a 3600 pound wagon.
  6. Nice find for $200! K1s are fine wheels. The cracking issue is typical internet lore handed down from non-owner to non-owner. I can't count how many sets of those I see at race tracks and people are fine with them. I'm sure if you run around in the Midwest in winter on 235-40 and slam some potholes.. If you ever want to sell them...
  7. I'm going to get some K1 for the track.. 16.5-17 pounds.. And inexpensive. 17x9s
  8. I thought the diff swaps were compatible with non M. Guess not. Damn! What a pain in the ass.
  9. Wait, I was thinking you had an e46 for some reason. You have an e90 or 92 don't you?
  10. Cool. Don't know much about them but what I've heard people like em.
  11. Nah. POS. Just sell it to another hipster for too much money.
  12. The pcv on my M3 w the supercharger is a joke. Takes like 2 minutes including opening the hood and a beer. you should be able to find a LSD rearend off an M3 for that, just swap rear ends don't buy just a LSD. Rear end swaps are so easy (loosen driveshaft, axles, and 3 bolts on the carrier)
  13. I was Assuming you have the silly arbitrary tool for that job... Since anyone who owns old 944s should.
  14. Good thing he was in a Volvo. otherwise he'd be dead.
  15. Another one? What year? I still want to own one again.
  16. Picked it up today.. Got the build history from the owner of the garage, not my embellishing friend who knows nothing.. Originally in 2010 and 11 it had a plain SR20de in it (non turbo) and blew it at Gingerman in 2011 Put a QG18 in it for 2012 and ran 25hrs at nelson then it was retired for an M50 powered e30 325i But still free and runs great. Started up and I drove it into the trailer.. While Sitting on a milk crate, with broken beer bottles all over the floor. Gotta love chumpcar's
  17. I haven't looked yet. This thing has been sitting for 4 years since it was last raced.. The guy who built it is long gone and 2 of the guys who drive it know very little about it. once I cut the hood pins off ill get a good look I'd assume just a t25..but I'll see.
  18. Yep. Full NASA cage. harness, and a ton of spares. Needs a new chair and a front wheel bearing Cost: free. It's an old chumpcar. may enter it next season
  19. Yeah, he will have mounted it backwards so it'll be a whole weekend of Mikes face while he rides a roadbike
  20. I dunno mike, all your pics look like a bunch of people standing around with bicycles nearby..