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  1. But...How come you don't like being called a retard?
  2. You have to give speedplays a chance. They're going to feel like riding on ice cubes at first. Give them a few rides
  3. No ig. Photoshop. Pic was all washed out because of the time of day.
  4. Please. Approach shoes. "Hiking sneakers" sounds so fucking Long Island And if Timo can't answer it... I can.
  5. Buy a fast car but drive it like a pussy.
  6. Vanos of any era can be rebuilt. But I still wouldn't touch one of those.
  7. Grandfather clause. Same issue with the racetrack
  8. Yep. Therefore he should limit his opinions and "knowledge" about niche market performance tires.
  9. Giant makes bikes for most major brands.. Half the bikes in shops are "Giants"
  10. A true Faux News viewer. Same ol same ol.
  11. Big EPA issues if you buy a former gas station. Even if tanks are already removed. My friend Chip went through years of Bullshit with his shop. That's why so many old stations sit empty for so long. the lot next to our shop was a former gas station and a petrol company owns it, the can't put a station there until a ton of EPA approval. Cool for us, they let us just use it for whatever we want as long as we cut the "grass"
  12. So I have this 2.5 liter tank under the hood of the M3 and it's always filled with a mixture of water and methanol. And it just sits there and does nothing.. so so I figured I'd order a pressure switch and a pump and misting nozzle and make use of that shit. I'd post a pic, but it's not that exciting.
  13. Easy shit. Good beater truck.
  14. It's that time of year again... So I ordered Another one of these. The pic is a 2017 but depending on the production I may wind up with an '18. Delivered first week of October. I like this 2 year rotation.. I always get the new one and hand down the older one, then the older one gets turned in after another 18 months... We lease for 36 but that's fall to fall and we need them in winter so it goes month to month through the following May. Then we turn it in and make no payment during the June-October period and take delivery in October..
  15. Dog collar that went up 25% on "prime day" went back down to 4% above original price..
  16. I have a few things in my cart to order since Sunday... The prices on 3 of the things went up. One of them went up 25%
  17. Kevin. What was the original discussion, Between Chris and I, about? You know the one you interjected your genius into? ..And "He" isn't using RE71R either. So enough. Justifying your opinion by comparing different tires on a different car with a different alignment and a different use of the car, without taking the context of the discussion to mind, so you can prove your genius..