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  1. new practice amp...so I don't have to drive 15 miles to practice.
  2. You sure it was the driers fault and not that crescent wrench that broke your radiator?
  3. Yeah..that will go over well...I think I will have to be careful. She already has the idea shes going to park the XC/90 in it HAHAHA right.. I am psyched to move into this house..full finished basement..the garage..private road with only 3 neighbors..borders a state park with thousands of acres..best schools in Ohio for the kids..
  4. NEW GARAGE! (Attached to my new house, but hey this is what relevant) its 30'x35'..just started to move my stuff..didn't get the tool boxes there yet. Now I don't have to work in my dark damp shop..its Drywalled, heated, air conditioned ,well lit and wired with 220v. winning.
  5. @ 15 yrs ago HotRod magazine did an article on running 12s for 1000 bucks and a Mitsubishi powered (as they all were) turbo Dodge caravan won it...same as any diamond star turbo as far as performance mods go.
  6. just Eagle GTs..need a decent daily driver tire that I can possibly dive in snow and cold temps that may appear..And wont blow out on every pothole..
  7. Potholes killed one of my dunlop snows..so I got my new summer tires mounted on my Volans a month early. (anyone need Perfos? Cheap)
  8. Shoulda ordered them from Mouser...10,000 of would have been @ $20.00...thats only $0.002 apiece. THATS a deal
  9. MY evap code existed before I did this...has nothing to do with the SAS delete. I tried to clarify this..All x70s/850s have evap codes all the time..probably coincidence. In my case its the gas cap, I just haven't gotten a dealer one yet..mine came with a stant "special"
  10. To anyone considering this (and who doesn't already know)...these codes are evap leaks and not related to the SAS system..that post was in response to an earlier one...
  11. I get 442 or 445 regularly. I just keep erasing them. I passed emissions because the s70 is on the list of "problematic readiness" cars in Ohio so I had the option to forgo OBDII testing and take a tailpipe and pressure test. I passed fine.
  12. Update: I now have 1000+ miles with this mod..NO CEL and passed emissions...everyone should do this!
  13. Aaron, soldering this is easy. Even if you aren't a master w the soldering iron! Just heat the iron up (use a 25 watt and some decent silver solder). Touch the iron to the proper pin and tin it (apply a little solder) and tin the diode as well. Then hold the diode in place and touch the iron to the pin and the solder will flow. let of and it'll cool quick. do it on the other side and DONE! Theres no circuit board soldering so the potential for damage is low...Just be careful about static..ECUs don't like it. Make sure the diodes polarity is the right direction too or it wont work...
  14. This works awesome...did it last week and fully passed emissions today..NO codes and almost Zero emissions at the tailpipe..car runs great...Takes like 5 minutes..most of that time is for the soldering iron to warm up...everyone should do this. I am going to physically remove all the non needed parts next week when i do my turbo back system...Thanks for the great info!!
  15. I want to see that..make a thread! I wish I was set up to weld aluminum (and had more practice at it!) Now you mention it..after my manifold is back on..you going to have the delrin bushings back in stock soon?
  16. Hey Kris..the guys @ IFA might let you borrow one..I'm sure he has one
  17. Nice shortening lesson...I want to do that but at this point I have NO patience..maybe I'll chop it with a grinder and put a momo knob on it!! BTW short shift kit feels NICE now...gonna turn the key tomorrow on mine..hope it starts!
  18. I HAVE one of those blue things...i just don't have a high enough ceiling in our new building (yet).........so it sits in pieces in one of our storage rooms...sure isn't very useful that way!
  19. Moving along! Looks like a familiar sight...you'll probably be done by the time I get up there.. words of wisdom..."You should always build your car to have at least as much torque as your impact wrench"
  20. I was hoping to make it to NY this week and stop by...not gonna happen No time or money. Maybe in Feb..
  21. "haha we shall see about that, there's always unexpected setbacks" Tell Me about setbacks! this whole car has been a setback (at least I noticed my speed sensor was broken today before i put it all back together!)
  22. let the games begin...you'll probably finish before me at this point!