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  1. Drive up to Cleveland and have a beer
  2. Much to learn. Also so you do realize this discussion was originally between Chris and myself, neither car is a fwd Volvo and we were discussing tires for non street use. As in a spare set for autoX and track.
  3. Very Different tires. Very very different cars. caster will not cause tire wear.. the Type R seats though.. That's an important feature to point out when talkin suspension and tires come on Kevin. Fwiw: my M3 is running -4C with 0 toe in front and -3C with .10toe in rear. So a little more aggressive than someone else's integra.. Drivers front:
  4. You probably have a real pair of Stan Smiths from the 70s still kicking around..
  5. A much more expensive one. My hip was as much as a nice Porsche 996 turbo..
  6. I played within a year of my hip replacement.. You should be good after yours
  7. Kevin, anyone who drives aggressively and or competitvley knows that tread ratings 200 and below are about traction and eligibility in classes for A/X and other racing that specs a 200utq and not really about tread life. no matter what you "think" a tire should last, save the rhetoric for your customers. like Chris said, they leave "marbles (pebbles)" in any A/X or track situation. And when you Pull in the pits hot, they're covered in stones just like slicks. Yes. If you're lucky and have a conservative alignment.
  8. I have a couple Heads. My son Uses my Orion 660.. He loves it. Been teaching him this summer how to play competitively instead of just doing the kid wussy volleying.. I've owned most of the brands and always go back to Wilsons. Used Pro-Staffs in the late 80s/ early 90s.. (Still have the racket I beat the number 1 singles player with in front of the tennis coach who kicked me off the team) and really like my Hammers.
  9. Only you would still string up gut.. probably on an aluminum racket
  10. RE71R daily will get you about 3k-4K if you run a very conservative alignment.. If you do get a second set of wheels RE71R is a fantastic choice and I've been hearing and seeing some great stuff about Toyo Proxess R-1 R compounds. (They're a 100 tread wear with minima tread so they're not really street tires at all)
  11. Yeah this. like I've said over the years, road bikes are reaching the plateau of the tennis racket. They've evolved to a point and they all share basically the same construction, so it becomes a pick your size/grip length and balance.. "String" it up how you like and roll. (Most of you probably have no clue that I play tennis and have pretty nice selection of rackets ranging from early 90s to 2012 or so. My 2 favorites are mid 2k Wilson Hammers, one strung at 62# and one at 65#.)
  12. It's an XL. running it with a 50mm Chromag stem. Feels great. Yeah it's an RP23 and I have been considering a DB as well. (Maybe next season) The RP23 feels a little soft and bouncy up until it feels too damped.
  13. If you ever track your car, swap to Motul RBF600 dot4. I went from Ate to Motul and made a huge difference. Cheaper than Castrol and Torque for the ultra high dry boiling point... It's Not really noticeable on the street though. I Wouldn't spent the extra in the Volvo.
  14. I did. But it was a bit small. I'm 6'3" and it was a short top tube. Sold it back in Feb. built the Intense up after a very brief stint with a Pivot Mach 5 that was also too small. The Intense fits perfect with a 25"TT. Rides great, just need to find the perfect rear shock setting. I'm almost there. The 2015 Pike is a fucking sweet fork. Best fork I've ever ridden.
  15. Me? Typically. Depends on the region though. I have 4 loaders to choose from..
  16. Yeah they send runners all over the place.. And the birds eat the berries and shit the seeds to help spread even more
  17. Sent him a text. said he'll respond to your PM
  18. Longbeach... Where's he when you need him.