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  1. Then you know that any Glyphosphate based broad spectrum herbicide will not completely kill off an infestation of woody vines at the roots. It'll brown the leaves. Used repeatedly on re sprouts mixed with a surfractant will eventually work but you will have to cut down vines to the crown 100% and even still there's a chance it will return stronger. Triclopyr, triethylamine salt will work better but hard to find in a good concentration (25+%) for most homeowners.
  2. No kidding? Hence my comment about 4+ Oz per gallon of water when mixing Quick-pro (round up for professional and agricultural use) which in granular form is 74% Glyphosphate. Would you like me to send you all the MSDS for the various herbicides? I do this for a living... Any deciduous or woody vine or brush is damn near impossible to kill. Even in seedling Stage it's hard.. Once established good luck without physically tearing out the vines. Cutting back and spraying the new growth will brown the leaves and look dead, but you almost never will kill the root structure and the vine will return. this is especially true when the offending vine is on someone else's property and you're maintaining only the vines on your land.
  3. Thats Just Round-Up. Even Quick-Pro in a 4+oz per gallon ratio will brown the leaves a bit but wont kill the roots
  4. That shits a hallucinogen.. Eat the seeds. (Or sell em to some burn-out kids) that's one of those plants that's native to India but was brought to the states and is impossible to kill. You have to cut it back regularly of course Diesel or gasoline would work...
  5. Ipd and Monroe worked well on the red S70 for me.. My son still uses that combo
  6. That why you can't come to Ithaca? Have to rearrange your shoes this weekend?
  7. Easy there Kevin... Nissan owns 1/3 of just Mitsubishi MOTORS. Not all of it. And it was bullshit manipulated fuel economy ratings not emissions.. So it's not "gone" because you think so.. Its a merger so both companies can tap into each others resources.. And become one of the biggest auto manufactures in the world.. (Nissan Renault and Mitsubishi)
  8. Any more excuses? Now install the rest of a 540i..
  9. I don't know your settings, but Set the front camber at -4 with 0 toe and rear at -3 with .10toe.. Then you'll really like it. On track a Ground control 28mm bar and disconnect the rear..
  10. Just took delivery.. medium frame for tight areas. 0 hours. Brand new.. 2speed, turbo, A/C, heat, enclosed cab..
  11. Uh.. No that's not actually true.
  12. One of the most useless Facebook pages ever created. and Joey is probably just slightly more useless..
  13. You don't frequent race tracks do you?
  14. Got the original bumper resprayed and installed along with a used passenger fender, liner, fog lights etc.. Might look like a car when it's done
  15. Uh..That's better than being covered in oil or ATF...