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  1. Yeah, wound up buying a house and had to sink another $1400 into the Volvo to keep me moving so I am holding on to it until I can everything together buy a SUV. I only got lowball offers locally from people looking for cheap and fast...I also still love this car haha
  2. Haven't posted in years. Still driving this thing...
  3. Quick shot in the garage between school and work
  4. Finally got the suspension parts put on that I've been sitting on for the last month. My buddy Josh, ihatespeedbumps on here, did it for me at the local shop on saturday. Threw on IPD springs, Koni streets shocks/struts, IPD strut bar and a skidplate. Best part was getting to hang out in the legit shop. It was pretty rad watching him fly through what would have taken me an entire day of crawling around in my driveway. I dont have any shots of the car yet but im gonna get some and throw them up over in the showroom later this week
  5. my bad, It wouldn't let me edit my post for some reason...
  6. <a href=";current=IMG_3855.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>