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  1. Yesterday evening (Monday 6/2/14) 'bout 7:30pm - On Westover rd Stamford. A white 855 with orange center caps and what looked like a fully wrap around rear spoiler Very original for sure.
  2. Insurance will (may) suggest that you use one of their "approved" shops. Most convenient. You drop the car off. You get it back. No fuss on your part. Insurance company handles payments etc.. Better idea - Get appraisals. Negotiate for highest amount. Get check from insurance company. Get "cash " quotes from repair shops. Get recommendations of good shops. Most shops will try to get you to reveal the insurance settlement and tell you "just sign the check over". No offense if any members are repairmen but; it's a rip off business for the average consumer. Then again
  3. Was my sister driving it? Know she went down to Greenwich Saturday. Stock wheels though. What exit?
  4. Vacuumed the inside. Rotated the tires. Picking my sister up at the airport this afternoon. She'll be driving it the rest of the summer .
  5. Black. It will get hot . Better product / solution?
  6. Installed new (to the car) drivers side door windows. Used hot glue and secured the door panels on the drivers door. Needed 5 new door panel clips between them.
  7. Have a cousin in Idaho that was a smoke jumper. He had several close calls with flashbacks. Retired now.
  8. Put a scratch in it. About 1.5" on the tailgate between the R and the edge. Was holding the hedge trimmer and reached for the extension cord on the ground. Careless.
  9. Business. We're going to be installing some fiber equipment into the building.
  10. C30 in Norwalk w/ 'fishy' center caps on some funky wheel & tire set up. Sell eck 1 My heart goes out to your passenger side.
  11. Sunday but .... After reading reports of people having to cut their tailgate free ... Fixed my tailgate latch. It was loose and didn't like to close properly. Pulled the tailgate cover off and found one bolt barely in place. The other one was loose. A little thread lock and now it closes nice and tight. If the weather is good this weekend I'll repair the tailgate cover.
  12. Couple of days ago in Stamford - Flash Green(?) 850 wagon w/a graffitied hood. I was like WTF?
  13. Washed the seagull poop off it. I hate people that insist on feeding the seagulls