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  1. Im alive!!! Ah ahahaha. whats going on D? How you been? :-)

  2. Ah haha I have a worse reputation than You! lol

    Love your new "burning rubber" pic...

  3. Aw the Little Biiitch's Topic got locked. Wonder if he is still crying. LOL Ignorant people are funny. Yep thats to you,bestyoucoulddo, and if thats the best you can do , you better be going back home with your P.O.S. Subaru. Try to sell it, so you can GO to school b4 you get schooled..and lose that P.O.S that you are so stupidly bragging about.

  4. Do you have any pics of your 96 850 posted?

  5. Hey You! Hows it going? Wow looks like we may be catching a sun break, (after this month of rain)

  6. Holy Cow! Was that your VW that tangled with the 18-wheeler? and were you driving? Thats tragic!Nice choice with the Olive C.C.

  7. Saw`the baddest LS yesterday! LOL Hows it going?

  8. ah haha, all i been hearing on tje radio is how that ipad2 thing is SOLD OUT. i heard people waiting inline for two weeks, do they know you be buying them all???lol

  9. Dude wtf is up??? Where you been?? lol

  10. Wow! Thats such B.S.! They need a "tracking #!!"

  11. I heard you REGULATED AutoCross!! Thats my girl! Wish I couldve been there. Hope to come watch you @ the next one though!

  12. im ok, she is running great!!! Im so happy! You got any new pics of your car?

  13. I got my Fuel Pump!! I so happy, Happy happy! Sup D? Hows it going??

  14. Man, are we still waiting? whats the ETA? lol

  15. OMG! Got my new fuel pump in this weekend! Happy. Happy. Happy.

  16. Got my new fuel pump in!!! I so Happy!

  17. Your so lucky to have such a cool change up on the D.D. Id like to have an EVO to switch too. lol

  18. I dunno what Im doing! Maybe going with you! Id love you know im jealous of your EVO! :-)))

  19. Hey You! How you and your sexy Battle Wagon doing? :-) Are you getting this weird rainstorm?