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    Originally from GA! My 855R, (My Daily Driver), The Hubby,My other Cars, FOX Racing, ALL Cars, FORD Trucks, Motorcross, Quads, Mudding, Wheeling, Drifting, Rallying, Rock Crawling, Horseys, Tennis, ROOOOAD TRIIIIIPS!!! Volvo photography!

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  1. Aw the Little Biiitch's Topic got locked. Wonder if he is still crying. LOL Ignorant people are funny. Yep thats to you,bestyoucoulddo, and if thats the best you can do , you better be going back home with your P.O.S. Subaru. Try to sell it, so you can GO to school b4 you get schooled..and lose that P.O.S that you are so stupidly bragging about.