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  1. Ah haha I have a worse reputation than You! lol

    Love your new "burning rubber" pic...

  2. ah haha, all i been hearing on tje radio is how that ipad2 thing is SOLD OUT. i heard people waiting inline for two weeks, do they know you be buying them all???lol

  3. Aw the Little Biiitch's Topic got locked. Wonder if he is still crying. LOL Ignorant people are funny. Yep thats to you,bestyoucoulddo, and if thats the best you can do , you better be going back home with your P.O.S. Subaru. Try to sell it, so you can GO to school b4 you get schooled..and lose that P.O.S that you are so stupidly bragging about.

  4. Cant wait til the 29th!! Woo Hoo!

    1. Brewin4u


      What happened to you today? I hung around until 1:30 but had to leave.

    2. 855RGurl


      Ah Man! We got there around 1:30! I wanted to see your

      car with the new wheels!! Bummer!

  5. D, waassuup, been to the P-A-P lately?

  6. Did you make it to the meet yesterday?

  7. Do you have any pics of your 96 850 posted?

  8. Dude wtf is up??? Where you been?? lol

  9. Fix the potholes Seattle. WTF. Guess I need to be mobbing in a SUV to live in this city..

    1. AJsC30T5


      The potholes here at Fort Campbell have been cracking rims left and right!

    2. 855RGurl


      Yah , it is just SO crazy to me how they will leave the roads like that. Ive been saying I was gonna stop and get pics, when I had time, cause ours are Monsterous!

  10. Got my new fuel pump in!!! I so Happy!

  11. Great new pic! Ur car is looking Bomb!!

  12. Great new pic! Your car is looking Bomb!

  13. Have you ever noticed how much your car shines? Clean or dirty? The pics I got were great!

  14. Heeeeeeeeeeeeey!!! Hope you are doing well!!

    My p.c. still messed up. I cant get in chat OR read the forum. Im not happy Gotta get this fixed! Ugh! :-( waaassssuuuup!

  15. HEEEEEEEEEEEEY!! You know you still gotta bad rep. LOL talk to you soon!

  16. Hey Cutie! Hope all is well. Any new pics of your car?

  17. Hey Sweet Pea! Well, they are saying sun all weekend, Starting tomorrow!! I gotta clean her up again. I think she was clean for maybe 9hrs. LOL Hope you are having a great day!

  18. Hey Sweet Pea! Hope all is well, cant wait to see you again!!

  19. Hey there! Hope you are having a great week!

  20. Hey You! How you and your sexy Battle Wagon doing? :-) Are you getting this weird rainstorm?