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  1. Fix the potholes Seattle. WTF. Guess I need to be mobbing in a SUV to live in this city..

    1. AJsC30T5


      The potholes here at Fort Campbell have been cracking rims left and right!

    2. 855RGurl


      Yah , it is just SO crazy to me how they will leave the roads like that. Ive been saying I was gonna stop and get pics, when I had time, cause ours are Monsterous!

  2. Where did you post the pics of your car? Trying to find them..... Hope you having a great day


  3. OMG , is that sun I see?? I got L.B.G. all washed up. How ya'll doing??

  4. Hey! Hope all is well with you! Any new pics of the car??

  5. Well, she needs a fuel pump, after that, maybe my wing! I GOT BOOST THO!!! alittle. So how you been?? Any new pics of the car?

  6. Yah, we are supposed to have a few days of sun, so Im gonna clean her up, I need a fuel pump, then Ill start moddin, I need a wing! lol, get some new pics!!

  7. Yah the weather is crappy here also. We even had some more snow! Where ya moving? Moving is a crazy process huh? If I was close Id help ya!

  8. HEEEEEEEEEEEEY!! You know you still gotta bad rep. LOL talk to you soon!

  9. Hey Sweet Pea! Hope all is well, cant wait to see you again!!

  10. D, waassuup, been to the P-A-P lately?

  11. Hey Cutie! Hope all is well. Any new pics of your car?

  12. Long time NO hear! Are you aware that you have a bad rep? LOL Whats going on?

  13. Nice Car! What grill you got? Any bigger pics?

    1. CVD843


      its the stock grill, just painted black and some bondo puddy to fill in the spaces where volvo emblem came off

  14. Great new pic! Your car is looking Bomb!

  15. Great new pic! Ur car is looking Bomb!!

  16. Love that New Signature pic!!

  17. That sucks, I looked for you and I wanted pics of your car! Hows it going? How is Renton? I havent talked to you in 4ever! I thought I saw your car @ Magneson tho? After XXX

  18. Were you at XXX? I didnt see you!!

    Hows it going? Hows south?

  19. hey! Make sure you see that XXX Wa Meet thread I posted. There are so many bomb cars!

  20. Have you ever noticed how much your car shines? Clean or dirty? The pics I got were great!

  21. Did you make it to the meet yesterday?

  22. Suuup! Hows it going? No updated pics of the car? Youre slacking :-)

  23. Suuuup? How goes it?

  24. Oh Yah! Im going Sunday! Your gonna be there right?