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  1. The kitchen looks great!

  2. Heeeeeeeeeeeeey!!! Hope you are doing well!!

    My p.c. still messed up. I cant get in chat OR read the forum. Im not happy Gotta get this fixed! Ugh! :-( waaassssuuuup!

  3. Hey there! Hope you are having a great week!

  4. Im glad you started a thread! lol, i added some pics..

  5. Hey, I didn't get the text! lol and check my blog, I got some great pics today!

  6. Cant wait til the 29th!! Woo Hoo!

    1. Brewin4u


      What happened to you today? I hung around until 1:30 but had to leave.

    2. 855RGurl


      Ah Man! We got there around 1:30! I wanted to see your

      car with the new wheels!! Bummer!

  7. Hey Yourself! Hope you had a good weekend. Call me!

  8. Hey Sweet Pea! Well, they are saying sun all weekend, Starting tomorrow!! I gotta clean her up again. I think she was clean for maybe 9hrs. LOL Hope you are having a great day!

  9. L.B.G. just hit 146,700, NEW PICS in my blog. She got a bath today and she is SUPER SHINY!!!

  10. We need to get some pics of our cars together! Hopefully Ill be able to make the 29th. Ill have her all washed and purdy! Hope you had a great day!!