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  1. A yellow with pegs in York PA. It was parked in a lot looking pretty.
  2. Couple days ago I spotted a black hard top C70 with halos and debadged on rout 1 south. Had deleware tags.
  3. Sugartown Road, West Chester/Malvern area. Silver/grey x70 with HIDs passing the other way while i was bombing hills and crests lol. Edit: It was today early afternoon.
  4. I saw a black 850 T5R looked lowered. Last week Some where between Springfield and Glenolden Pa. It was very clean looking.
  5. Prospect Park, route 420. Black 850/S70, LED license plate. PA plate: o0o0o0o0o (+/-) about 6:30pm
  6. I don't know steve. I caught a quick glimpse of it one night on 420, and then my buddy mentioned he saw it not to long ago.
  7. Some where there's a purplish wagon, de-badged, license plate is o0o0o0o0o or so, PA.
  9. BACONN!!!!!! DENIED! There can only be one.....