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  1. I can relate. I currently have 4 bikes.
  2. I'm thinking about selling my ninja for a supermoto.
  3. I painted my plastic gas tank.... looked great for 5 minutes. Tree branches scratch it and spilled fuel takes the paint right off
  4. XR's only used to be pretty fast....haven't ordered from them in ages though.
  5. That's a good sign...means the PO actually did some research.
  6. Wait, didn't you have lowering springs?
  7. New graphics! Now I just need a new black with red stripes seat cover and black wheels with red hubs, and I'm good to go!
  8. Ha, yea. New bikes are hella expensive now. My buddy just picked up a 2015 KX450F, and paid as much as a solid used car. Ridiculous. But for really Matty.....check that choke plate and uncork that pig.
  9. Nice dude. Check the choke plate ASAP. Also, make sure that the snorkel isn't on the airbox.... You mean like the CRF450X?
  10. Yuuuuup. XR650R was liquid cooled. XR650L was air cooled. The 650R is an absolute monster. Dem radiators, yo.
  11. Nice! I have an 01 XR400. I love those thumpers. One of my dream bikes is a supermoto XR650R. I actually won $10 in a bet with a dude, since he didn't believe me that Honda made a liquid cooled XR haha.