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  1. Paradigm shift...tit for tat

  2. Aint nobody got time for that!

  3. Nap time cuz I haven't slept in 2 days...fml

  4. Too much pride, between you and I Not a jealous man, but females lie But I guess that's just what sluts do, how could it ever be just us two I'd never love you enough to trust you, we just met and I just monkeyed you...

  5. I know you monkeyin' feel me, I want to monkeyin' kill me But times I'm so serious you think I'm silly I'm doin' Big Style Willy couldn't touch 11 Seven. What's religion nigga? I am Legend

  6. Oh your a Pats fan? Please remind me about how your watching the superbowl for the commercials...

  7. You suplexed a 130lb girl and sent her to the ER and your nick names hooters and your a Omega brother? You must be soooo HARD bro!

  8. Tornado warning in effect....women of questionable morals. think this is Twister, I'm not hiding in my bathtub

  9. monkey that "Happy Holidays" stuff! I say Merry Christmas still #America

  10. Everyone posts statuses about the horrific school shooting in CT today, however I haven't seen one person mention the horrific stabbing that also happened today injuring an elderly woman and 22 school children...why? Because it didn't happen in America...seems as if the WORLD news is extremely bias to me.

  11. Why is it that the happiest people I see are always mentally challenged? Sometimes I regret furthering my education...

  12. Your brain's a poking powerhouse, but what? That wasn't good enough? It's people like you who talk that "should've, could've, would've" stuff You probably threw your life away cuz you would rather get high With no license or car, so you bum rides to get by Saying "I should've did this" or "I shouldn't have hung with this guy" "I'm broke as monkey, my rent's high. Ah, I should've realized"

  13. Yea I figured it was because of ventilation of the coilpacks.
  14. Sunshine State in the a.m!