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  1. Taskmule is out of the Volvo thing, for now. Enjoy, Daren.
  2. I trimmed the stock holder a bit, and wired in a blue 5 led strip. Very easy, and lights evenly too. Sorry, I have no pix. But this is the kind of led I used; http://goo.gl/u0kMBN
  3. I notice Lucky didn't address the bit about Forge valves from the SS thread in his post here. I really want to believe in this guy, but...
  4. Correct. We seem to be on the same page. All except that part about the NRA. Their strong influence on your Gov't is a large part of the USA's gun problem, as history indicates. They promote firearms, and the firearms problems mount = D'Uh. Their popularity isn't a sign of legitimacy, good education or good leadership either. From what I see, they run on, and promote a culture of fear, and they have a lot of you convinced that guns make things "safer", as shown by your remarkably high gun to resident ratio. 50 billion flies think eating sh*t is a good idea too, but I'm not going to be doing that, simply based on it's popularity. Thumbs down to the NRA. Pure hill-billy evil in my eyes. Like everyone else here, it's unlikely my opinion can be changed on this serious matter. So, best of luck everyone, whichever side you pull for. I'm all done with this thread. Thanks for the interesting chat. Back to cars.
  5. TaskMule, on 19 Dec 2012 - 17:24, said: I have been promoting well thought out improvements all along, and I still do, despite the resistance I am met with here. No you haven't. You've been promoting that we do "something" as if we all don't want to do anything. Yet you haven't promoted ANY ideas. Not just bad ones, you've promoted nothing. I, as a negative nancy, have promoted more gun control ideas than you. I don't want to die after I piss off some teenage wasteland and the nutjob shoots up my office. Few people enjoy carrying a concealed weapon; logistically and sometimes literally it is a pain in the ass. A safer world makes life easier for all of us. Adding more guns will not make your world safer. It hasn't yet, so...why would it start now? You are kidding yourself. I'll repeat what I've said a few times already, one more time, maybe it will sink in; What I am promoting and hoping for is, for the people whose JOB it is to legislate to come up some well thought out plans to improve the situation. Get it now? I don't have answers myself, and I never said I had answers. I am promoting thoughtful and sane lawmaking, by those who's job it is, nothing more. For me to suggest any laws is pointless, this is a car forum, and as far as I know, lawmakers do not hang out here looking for idea's to take to work. I hope that clears things up. The NRA spoke today. I sat in disbelief at what I heard, and turned it off in disgust after about 5 minutes. So much for sane, progressive or thoughtful solutions from the powers that be. The NRA sees adding more guns as the solution. Guns are what got the USA into this sh*t-pile in the first place. Their proposal is the very definition of insanity itself; doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results. "This lemonade is too sweet. Ok, I'll add more sugar, that will fix it." Good luck with that line of thinking.
  6. I agree on all counts. I have been promoting well thought out improvements all along, and I still do, despite the resistance I am met with here. Half measures won't do it, obviously. It has to be meaningful. I do hope for sane and measured thinking by those who make your laws, even if some of you don't think its even possible. I'm not counting on it either, but ya gotta hope, or you have nothing.
  7. Beauty. I guess the thing to do then is, maintain the status quo. Just keep doing what y'all are doing, since you feel your system is working SO well. Good luck.
  8. Don't worry, whatever the US does, our current moron on the hill will follow suit. Lets hope the US make a better set of choices in this case than they have so far. As far as "doing something for the sake of doing something", that would obviously be a useless effort, and I never said anything of the sort. Not sure how you got to there, but anyway, my concept is that your legislators would be "doing something" toward the creation of a more civilized society, rather than a one that puts the "rights" of some gun owners and their lobby group over the safety of the general public at large. I believe this is the right direction to head in, but that is only my opinion. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in my hopes for a better world. Piling more guns on the problem is throwing gas on a fire.
  9. A lot of you talk like there is no hope for positive change. Lots of negative talk, and plenty of negative attitude. I don't blame you, the issues seem insurmountable. But you have to try right? You have to try to make things better. That's isn't being naive. That is called moving forward in a positive direction. Its not my job to come up with how to do it. I am not a legislator. There are people who are paid to do that. What I am saying here is this; there is a huge problem, and it needs fixing, clearly. I don't expect the gun-lovers to like this news. No one expects the gun lovers to like what they are hearing these days. But you cannot deny the elephant in the room. The world is watching. I hope your leaders come up with something that works.
  10. Or maybe useful legislature? Things are already happening in Washington today, so, lets see what unfolds. The rest of the civilized world see's your second amendment as an obviously outdated piece of centuries-old legislature. Times have changed, weapons have changed. Things need to be updated to reflect that reality. Maybe start there. Why is it time? It's time to get control of your gun-love culture problem, for obvious reasons. Its a monumental task, as Chuck pointed out. Its going to be like moving a mountain. But hey, you guys made gun-mountain, you can move it. It can be done. With great leadership and thoughtful dialogue, great things can be made to happen. Let's hope your elected leaders have the courage to stand up and make your country a better place, rather than keep blowing the NRA like a common whore. Or, I guess you could leave things as they are, ignore the problems which the disproportionate amount of guns per capita in your country brings to your streets, and continue the widely-broadcast slow, downward spiral of your society. Choice time. Which horrific event will be the straw that breaks the camels back. I hope it was Newtown, CT. Good luck. Its a hell of a big mess you have on your hands.
  11. Here's a problem right here; unwilling to give up "freedoms" for some idealistic hope? Freedom itself is an ideal, its not a thing. Its a matter of which one you value more. So far, "freedom" (and it's associated and escalating random killing) is winning by a wide margin. Not hard to figure out at all. In every nation on the planet that has enacted stricter gun controls in the face of escalating crime, gun related crime has gone down across the board. The rest of the planet is watching the US, and scratching their heads. Stop being so in love with your guns and your gun-culture, and things will start going right. Its certainly headed in the wrong direction right now.
  12. Well, if I knew what to do, I'd be a state legislator. Glad I'm not. I am merely pointing out that I see changes coming. And a lot of people won't like it, but it's time.
  13. Given the amount of bad news regarding rapid fire random killing in the last few years, it's hardly a knee-jerk reaction that's coming. More like long overdue. Something is going to be done. Just watch. How effective it is against America's the love of their guns is another story. It comes down to "freedom" for a some, or increased safety for most. Interesting times.