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  1. As far as I know the 'download Bin from Ostrich' feature doesn't work properly with default settings in tunerpro, I don't know if there is a workaround as I've never had the need to download the current bin. I save the current bin in a version/date order whenever I make changes, plus tunerpro saves a log of changes made. As for why the changes aren't having any effect, have you made sure you are changing the right map? As don't forget there are the alternative maps (unless you are making changes to them all) Also have you tried using the emulation feature of tunerpro?
  2. Anything is possible 🙂 It's just getting the code written and working that is the problem. Correct me if I'm wrong but as I understand it the mapswitching is in the pre-start routine so would need something setting up to run in the running engine routine. The problem then is when a map is switched would this affect the program and/or cause issues with the engine. Or maybe I'm just overthinking it.
  3. There are a few posts about the Spartan controller and the issue with output impedance, someone had an issue and built a low pass filter to condition the signal. The wiki also doesn't state anything about the issue with the Spartan controller, I'll add something. Though from how quiet this thread is nowadays it seems people have moved on? In the end it was a post I found from Venderbroeck saying that the tank pressure input had the best result for the Spartan controller as the non-linearity was non existent on that channel. Yeah I knew A19 had an offset (0.7V if I recall) so I was using the accelerometer ground as the connector was already wired in and my 850 doesn't have the accelerometer, then I tried A18, then I swapped the pin to the tank pressure input which worked. Yes the accelerometer channel does work for logging, just needs some code adding to the binary. I've also got the barometric sensor channel working as some code is needed to switch the channel
  4. So I've been having an issue with my wideband values being out by 0.2V (using a Spartan controller) I was using the accelerometer input. Tried using different grounds to no avail. Today I switched the pin in the ecu socket to use the tank pressure input (from B32 to B31 as my car does not have that pin populated) and the wideband values are now spot on (my Spartan controller has a display built in). Took me a while to get to this point as there is a lot of conflicting info in this thread about grounds and filters, etc.
  5. I can only see just the two fan speeds in the 98MY wiring diagrams. There's only two pins allocated on the ecu one for high speed and one for low speed. Maybe the different modes share run times and speed thresholds.
  6. No worries. Coolant temp is the temp in degreesC that the different fan speeds kick in. The speed threshold is in km/h and I guess stops the fan mode kicking in over that speed. The fan runtime is in seconds and each step is 3.06 seconds. Not sure why there are 5 speeds for the Coolant temp and less for the speed threshold and run time. These are all the values listed in the damos.
  7. There isn't any documentation as far as I know but it's pretty self explanatory. Fan mode 1 is the most common one that kicks in at 102degC. The values are stock as they are in the damos file and the values are the same for other bins too. The only value I'm not sure is the 4th fan mode, as the speed and run time is a lot lower than the others.
  8. Have you tried changing the allocated Com port number in device manager? Maybe try COM9 and change the settings to match in tunerpro
  9. What does the 'Test for Valid Interface Settings' bring back?
  10. The logging needs to be enabled by sending a code to the ecu (as you may have read). You say you are using a serial port? Is that as in old school 9 pin D connector serial port? Have you selected the port correctly in tunerpro? Usually the code is sent from tunerpro to the ecu when you click connect. Which ADX file are you using (what is the filename)? To use realterm you need to make sure you have the correct com port selected and change the baud rate.
  11. There is already a mod available to run coil packs on a B5234T M4.4 ecu. It involves a little hardware modification but is probably easier than trying to modify the 960 ecu to run boost control. Have a look at Piet and Venderbroek's posts for more info
  12. The only way to read the eprom is to read the chip directly (with a special adapter or by removing the chip and reading separately). As I remember, the first half of the eprom can be read but the second half can't.
  13. The B6304 ecu wont have the components fitted to run the turbo control valve, etc.