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  1. What values are you trying to change from and to? It could be an issue with the step size as the injector opening voltages go in 0.0195V steps.
  2. You can add it manually in tunerpro, it's not listed in the XDF normally. Just add a new flag parameter and point it to 0xC8ED. Then you can change it to 1 or 0 for manual or auto. Fingers crossed it works
  3. Ok, had a quick look at both files. Your BMW MAF file looks ok apart from the alternative maps (used for map switching) are not the same as the normal maps. It could be these are being used for some reason. Plus, as you know, you've got it set to TCV Duty Cycle control only. The 80lbinjector file is a bit of a mess. It seems to be a 608 file (set for manual gearbox) but is missing the first 16 bytes so the whole binary is at an offset of -10hex and does not match a 607 file at all. It also appears to be the launch control version (maybe Rev6?). What I would do for both ECUs is start again with a base 608rev5b bin from HERE and copy all your modified values over. Set the hardware config (at 0xC8ED) to 0 for the auto car. That way you are ruling out the binary as an issue.
  4. Hmm. Upload your bin via dropbox and we'll have a look see if anything stands out
  5. Is it running the stock wastegate actuator? An old/weak (or even incorrectly adjusted) actuator can cause issues. Also check the "max TCV duty cycle" is set to 100% Have you checked the logging to see what the TCV duty cycle maxes out at when running? You'll need to upload via another hosting platform as attachments don't work on here work some reason so we can't download it. Maybe try dropbox?
  6. There used to be a signal description list for each pin but I can't find it any more. Fortunately I've got my own copy: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z0avaurxii29vth/Motronic44-1.jpg?dl=0
  7. Was the harness new or was it from another car? Sounds like you have it sorted Nice work dude! I guess comparing with other auto binaries may give us more info on that difference.
  8. Part numbers and flow rates need adding to the wikia then
  9. So the plot thickens. Like you say best to get flow tested to make sure you know the flow.
  10. According to the datasheets Greens should flow 453cc at 3 bar on N-Heptane but on petrol/gasoline they flow 413cc. How were yours tested?
  11. I wouldn't bother going back to oranges. Just tune the injector constant and the dead times to the greens. Greens flow approx. 413cc at 3bar. The injector constant for this should be 0.7656250. Then you will have to tune the dead times but for this you'll need a wideband O2 sensor. Some people have posted their dead times for greens on this thread, but they all differ for various reasons so be wary of using them. More info on tuning injectors here https://m44.fandom.com/wiki/Tuning_the_Injector_constant_and_dead_times Definitely get this sorted as the wrong fuelling can cause issues especially when the engine is under load
  12. Aaargh, I can't open the file. IDA says the database format is too old. What version are you using to view it?
  13. As far as I know the 'download Bin from Ostrich' feature doesn't work properly with default settings in tunerpro, I don't know if there is a workaround as I've never had the need to download the current bin. I save the current bin in a version/date order whenever I make changes, plus tunerpro saves a log of changes made. As for why the changes aren't having any effect, have you made sure you are changing the right map? As don't forget there are the alternative maps (unless you are making changes to them all) Also have you tried using the emulation feature of tunerpro?
  14. Anything is possible 🙂 It's just getting the code written and working that is the problem. Correct me if I'm wrong but as I understand it the mapswitching is in the pre-start routine so would need something setting up to run in the running engine routine. The problem then is when a map is switched would this affect the program and/or cause issues with the engine. Or maybe I'm just overthinking it.