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  1. It could be something got corrupted or you inadvertently change a setting somewhere, it can happen (I once managed to change my fuel cut speed to 0 mph so as soon as I moved the engine died )
  2. I ran my modified 609 binary (logging, also with COP and WB control) on my 850 and it worked ok, so either there is no immo enabled on the 609 or it worked due to my ecu being originally a 609 (just I have fitted an ostrich to it). The logging is added to the binary and doesn't remove the evap diagnosis like in the 608rev5b. This means that not all the parameters can be logged due to the 608rev5b version re-purposing some addresses from the evap routine. And also doesn't include map switching. Theoretically (not been tested, though should work) I have added logging to other binaries: 448/449/611/612. A flag/switch sets the byte to 0 or 1, a scalar will allow you to set it to any value (up to 255). As it needs to be 1 or 0 I just used a flag/switch. Have you restored the original value at 0xC8ED in your 609 binary? It should be 0x79 (118 decimal). Good news on the logging rate! Did changing the 't' to an 'l' work?
  3. There is a logging version of the 609 that I've created (I don't know if anyone else has done any). I'll have to dig it out and check it before posting it.
  4. Let us know if it works any better Thanks bud, it's a long work in progress lol. Ok, from the images you posted it is sending the wrong letter to engage logging. If you see it says 0x74 and below it says 't'. It needs to send an 'l' so if you just change that 't' to an 'l' it should change the 0x74 to 0x6C and should work. Then in the ADX Header Data tab change the Connection command to 'Engage logging' and change the Monitor command to 'Listen for data frame'. That should remove the listen silence and give you a faster data stream. Hope this helps
  5. That's because the auto/manual location in the 609 binary is different to the 608. For the 609 binary add the flag parameter and point to 0xC8FC Can you post a screenshot of your Definition setup in tunerpro? Post the ADX Header Data and the engage logging
  6. Excellent info there buddy! Only thing is the 0.34 is used for the 350cc 608 binary and in the 315cc 305 binary for my LPT 850 AWD which makes things even more confusing. But like you say, 315cc in the formula seems to work for other people. I'm using 0.29 at the moment (which is the 350cc/440cc) but will lower it to 0.24 I worked out my mpg from fuel used on a journey (filled to the brim then drove 30 miles to my workplace then filled up again). Worked out to approx. 21MPG and that was highway cruising 50-70mph. I just wanted to get my injector settings spot on to rule out any issues in that area.
  7. Yes it is rather confusing as there is very little information about minimum injection times anyway. I've seen lots of figures for the greens (some saying 1.10ms, some 0.5ms). Also I thought the stock value was 315cc (as the first injectors on M4.4 were that size) but as you say the XDF states 350cc. I'm trying to figure out why I cannot get more than 22mpg at cruise.
  8. I have them both in my Tunerpro directory. Here are all 4 files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f1f6gz8uf6rijf8/msvcp100.zip?dl=0 Otherwise install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 package. Though there may be an issue with the msvcp100.dll in win 10 http://forum.tunerpro.net/viewtopic.php?t=4439
  9. Ok, looks like we're getting somewhere, maybe a Windows 10 issue. Have you tried changing the permissions for the dll? Or running tunerpro as administrator? Also see this thread
  10. Ok, on the Menu bar goto 'XDF>View/Edit XDF Header Info' then click the 'Checksums' tab. There should be a checksum listed called 'Checksum plugin by Simply Volvo' Click 'Edit Selected' and see if it looks like this:
  11. Have you put the motronic 4.4 checksum plugin into the tunerpro plugin folder?
  12. The processor sends a command which enables pin A16 on the eeprom (see 28f010 eeprom datasheet). This enables the upper 4 sectors (0x10000 to 0x1FFFF) of the eeprom to be read by the processor. It constantly switches between the two blocks, some of the code is duplicated. Please read the six text files here: https://www.piese-volvo.ro/droid/volvo/rev5/ They contain all the info on how the map switching and logging works
  13. The are extra maps added to the 608 binary which can be selected before the engine is started. This is why you have found the extra map at 0x8088. The ecu only uses one map at a time. You can select each map by fully depressing the throttle pedal, then the MIL will flash multiple times depending on which map is selected. The checksums are different because the data in Block 0 is different to Block 1. You really don't need to worry about the checksums though as the tunerpro plugin calculates it for you.
  14. There is no info how to disable the immobiliser on any m4.4 binaries (none that anyone has shared anyway). The 608 binary does not have the immobiliser enabled which is why it is used for the modifications. It could be as simple as disabling the setting of the immobiliser bit, all the info is already posted, you just need to research a little.
  15. It will probably be the 0261204305 binary like my 850AWD is.
  16. First thing, if you can, connect to the ecu using realterm then send an 'L' to enable permanent logging (until battery or ecu is pulled). Your should get a response from the ecu with a 'L' in it. If you get that response then you can try the logging again. Let us know how it goes.
  17. In the 608 binary there is a gear dependant boost control option at C9A3 (configbyte for gear dependant boost control in the XDF) though I don't know how effective it is as I've not fully tested it before. FYI this option is not in the 305 binary.
  18. My apologies, I got the units wrong. The injector voltage correction is in milliseconds. So the max correction is 4.9725ms. At 5V and 5.99V it shouldn't matter too much as most of the time the battery voltage is at 12 to 14V whilst the engine is running. I'm not sure in what situation a battery voltage as low as 5V would arise let alone the engine being able to run at that voltage. So just run it at the maximum correction value for those low voltages.
  19. I've been having issues with the fuel mileage. It was terrible before I started my mods but now it's even worse. I want half with running the 608 binary, little glitches were happening and it's meant for the 2.3 engine. Plus there are many differences in the maps between the two. So I've gone back to running the 305 binary which is the original for my 2.5 lpt engine. I've transferred over the logging code as well as COP and wideband control. Using exactly the same fueling and ignition maps I had in the 608 binary on a cruise it's gone from 26mpg to 38mpg. On a 70 mile run the other day, half motorway and the other half country roads, it managed 35mpg. It needs some tuning on load but otherwise I'm very happy with how it's running now. UPDATE - Well it didn't work When I did a real life test it turned out I was getting 17.5mpg. So it seems the mpg update was only being sent half the time(?) thus causing the increased false mpg reading. Oh well, back to the drawing board
  20. Here is a complete list of the steps for the injector constant, injector voltage correction and minimum injector time. The maximum voltage correction allowed for injector opening is 4.9725ms https://www.dropbox.com/s/88cuzfqplrg5o67/Injector Calculations.ods?dl=0
  21. That is correct, the AC won't work (or at least it doesn't on my 850 AWD). There is probably (anything can be done in time) a way to get the AC working but I haven't looked into that yet, Piet did do a modified AC version for Chuck as his AC was different too.