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  1. Same situation. I'll let you know
  2. Exhaust and intercooler are possibly being bought by another member
  3. Somewhere in the range of 20K miles. It has xc90 spring seats on the mounts. I'm asking $240 + shipping obo
  4. No, as I already tossed the original diff when I installed the lsd.
  5. https://imgur.com/a/gcFHjRz I also have the whole plumbing from the filter to an S60R maf down to an S60R do88 intake tube. Looks like I clamped the hose clamp a bit tight on the back of the filter and the edge got squeezed in a bit. I know the air feed tube looks lame, but it works perfectly. The air filter came with a corrugated tube which I split in half, made the other end meet with volvo's air pickup, and sealed it in black duct tape :^)
  6. I don't have a price yet. They're the track spec 25mm front and 25mm rear which they don't make in that spec anymore so I'd like to see what someone offers for them.
  7. If I gently close the hood and only latch the driver's side latch, the other side of the hood is still open about a half inch. And there's a small ripple on the roof from the back left corner of the sunroof to the edge over the b pillar 😞 The birch is definitely interesting, but the enamel finish on the bottom console piece is cracked around the handbrake. I tried repairing it, but it didn't make it much better.
  8. Parting out my 1999 V70 T5 (Mystic Silver Metallic / Grey interior) Sent the front left into a curb. Destroyed the wheel, but also tweaked the frame a bit 😞 The front left coilover seems to have sustained no damage as it didn't take any of the load in the impact. However it definitely got compressed very violently and probably wore the shock a bit. Here's a list of the more notable items: SC-901 radio with oem amp behind dash yatour bluetooth audio system (Works better than the grom unit with every phone I've had) beltronics sti-r euro clear corners (and stealth auto clear turn signal bulbs all around) led license plate bulbs vdo boost gauge S60 R exhaust manifold K24 turbo with forge CBV (80 Kmi, consumes a bit of oil) Eurosport Tuning 3" downpipe (angle flange) Eurosport Tuning exhaust (excellent sound, reasonably quiet) K&N apollo closed air filter plumbed to the stock air pickup behind grill S60 R MAF DO88 turbo inlet pipe for S60 R DO88 RIP kit DO88 drop-in intercooler intake manifold and throttle body phenolic spacers xemodex ETM walbro 255lph fuel pump five o motorsport 650cc injectors itg 89mm foam air filter with 89mm do88 silicone adapter, clamps, and itg air filter oil polyurethane lower torque mount polyurethane upper torque mount (square) porsche 993/S60R big brake kit Ferodo DS2500 street/race pads stainless steel braided brake lines eastern aerospace (lol) strut brace (debadged) BC racing coilovers with swift springs (I got the standard spring rates they recommended) Eibach linear sport springs with koni orange dampers IPD 25mm front and rear sway bars M56H with new quaife lsd installed and new seals plus the shifter, pedals, master cylinder, resurfaced single mass flywheel, and literally all of the hardware you will need. (NEW internal slave, pressure plate, 850R clutch, cliutch switch, clutch line, fasteners, brackets, and more fasteners than you will actually need all in little volvo bags) I also have a bunch of random stuff, and a few boxes full of little goodies like those black trim clips, the white door panel clips, fasteners, coolant cap, gas cap, injector o rings and filters, seals, lube, the little bulbs that go in those switches, and a bunch of little stuff. And of course any random part you can think of, just let me know because I might have it. I will try to take photos of things in the next few days. If you have any specific requests, just let me know. You can also email me at andrew.harres@gmail.com
  9. Not sure why they seem to be stretched. Just click on it?
  10. Which engine torque bushing do you have? I have the ipd one and it seems like it has loosened up.