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  1. I'm really impressed with the work on the bumper. You've given me some hope that I might be able to repair mine.
  2. Snagged a 2nd 850R today with a failing tranny, 19T, 3" full exhaust and BBS wheels and a bunch of extra goodies. Time for another manual swap soon.
  3. I have zero input on ferries or quality of schools. That said, I hope you can deal with the lack of sun for 75% (total generalization) of the year. It can be pretty depressing for a lot of people. On the bright side, it never gets very cold here, even in the middle of winter. Dropping into the 30's is considered very cold.
  4. Boeing. Holy shit it was turbulent on the way down to Raymond today. We had to abort the first landing there because geese popped out of nowhere on both sides of the runway too hahaha. Parked it in a biiiiig garage today.
  5. I guess my car was in this shot;
  6. The current hold music for the WA DOL is Adagio for Strings (That horribly tragic theme song from Platoon). Hahahaha
  7. I guess technically my car is sitting in it's hole back there.
  8. Fuckin LOL
  9. Thule? I'd be interested if it is. Anyone know of anyone selling a cheap-ish wagon? I'm thinking of getting a dog and don't want to have it fuck up my car. I might grab a 4.0 this weekend though.
  10. I realize this is question depends on the person, but is rebuilding an engine something someone with fairly basic/novice car knowledge can tackle? I'm wondering if I should buy an engine lift and find a junk yard engine to build up in my own time, but I'm not really sure where I'd start. The most I've ever done is a PCV replacement - I haven't even done a timing belt change.
  11. I'm going to Portland on Monday and coming back Tuesday if anyone needs something brought up or down. Will attempt to not get arrested this time.