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  1. Numbers are looking much nicer!! I say raise the boost to 25-30psi hussein in all honesty your tune looks pretty solid, just add a bit more fuel and keep raisin the boost the block can definetely handle it and that turbo really shines @ about 25 psi whats up with the random dip in the middle of the graph though? Should check that out
  2. Dude wtf is up??? Where you been?? lol

  3. hey there sugar bear, sorry for the delay.....been moving!!! what up been up too????? p.s read the comment i left on my profile in response to the pleasant offer you left me. :)

  4. LOL @ black/red abortion

  5. I can haz T5-r? trade for black/red abortion

  6. HEEEEEEEEEEEEY!! You know you still gotta bad rep. LOL talk to you soon!

  7. my dicks hanging out waiting for you.

  8. I think i just accidently snorted 30mg of drain-o. calling 911 brb.
  9. Longbeach850 here saying I support your signature. No pookies allowed.monkey fat chicks 24/8