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  1. Thank you for actually answering the question, much appreciated! Yep.
  2. You're gonna have to forgive my ignorance here, but here's what I was wondering... Let's say you had an aftermarket tune to begin with. I'm assuming you can back up the files using the software? 1), is this what you guys have been doing? So you can revert back to your previous (aftermarket) tune if need be? And more importantly... 2) If you can back up your tuned file, does that mean you can also read and/or edit the tune you currently have? I was wondering this because I didn't want to have to start from scratch making changes. And for things like the injector values, it might give people an idea on where to go. I'm guessing this *isn't* possible because you all would have thought of it already, but I would love to know for sure!
  3. Did that chart reference an 850AWD available in Canada?! Why have I never seen one on the boards?!
  4. Interesting! So...can you tell by just the part number on the ECU, or do you have to take it apart to check?
  5. Buy the B5244T5 I have...then you won't need to buy rods!
  6. Stock rods handle 25psi just fine. Boost onset needs to be gradual, that's all. Hope you get her back together soon and get to the dyno! Not sure what you were running for boost control, but I had bypassed the TCV a long time ago on the last car...went to a new Garrett 17psi WGA and ran straight off that. No fade at all, ever.
  7. I need everything...files and software. I was told it can be downloaded from the site listed in the M4.4 wiki page, but the page just times out and I can't access it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I've been trying to access the files page for a week now, and it always seems to be down. Is anyone else hosting the files elsewhere?
  9. There's a YouTube video of an 850 turbo dynoing a bunch of tunes back to back.
  10. This is great information! Thanks to everyone who has contributed! I'm not really a tech guy though, so a lot of road is pretty confusing. And it seems like people are still coding their tunes from scratch, even if they don't have particularly built setups. What I'm wondering is...has anyone reverse engineered any of the off-the-shelf tunes and posted the files for download (or the equivalent codes to copy the tune's settings) so one doesn't have to write a tune from scratch on a car where an off-the-shelf tune would work just fine?? Thanks in advance!
  11. That thing sounds fantastic! Nice! I've seen that turbo support an 8-second pass in a mitsu.