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  1. Poor kid is going to have a rear sight post indent on his forehead.
  2. I'm not concerned at all with resale. Call it a $150 experiment vs a $500+ dollar experiment. All that matter is that it accomplishes the goal of letting me see if I have the time and desire to ride again. That said, any issues with the bike only need to be resolved to the point that it allows me to run the experiment. I don't need an amazing machine to do that job.
  3. If I had found one available I would have jumped on it. I've now regressed from having disc brakes which by itself is pretty crappy. But it will work for my goals just fine. I've only ridden it once so far so if I can't dedicate the time I'd rather have spent $200 than $500.
  4. Drops aren't bad for the locations I'll be riding but I'm certainly considering switching rims. I imagine these stock cheapos will look like eggs in a month, haha. All in all I probably wont do anything to crazy to the bike as that money could just go into a better bike if I choose to stick with it. Right now is just the testing phase. If I can find enough time to ride despite all my projects I'll pick up a much better bike.
  5. I'm not driving to Tucson, Mesa, or Phoenix for a bike though hahaha. I live in the boonies so the issue of little craigslist content and many more scary plants is a bit amplified. I did go to a local shop and talk to them about tubeless tires though. They do conversions for about $50 per wheel. I'm on craigslist daily so it's not for lack of trying I assure you. The Mongoose is all aluminum frame so it isn't bad on weight. I already run a Camelbak in my 3 day pack rig I bike with (also contains a mini air pump, chain lube, and misc). I'm not new to biking I just didn't want to spend the cash
  6. I didn't find anything on craigslist and this is a smaller area so it was new or bust. The rough ride has more to do with every plant being covered with nails ... lol I think auto filling tires would be spanked pretty quick here actually. I don't care if the Mongoose lasts or not. It's worth the cash to see if I'll get back into it. Tried riding but I'm still too sick and dehydrated :-/ Didn't go well ...
  7. Looking at getting into biking but didn't want to drop the $1700 on the bike I really want. Went to Wallymart and bought a Mongoose Legde 2.1 - Taking it out this weekend if I'm feeling a bit better. I'm thinking my first goal will be to swap to closed cell foam tire cores as AZ is a bit rough on bike tires.
  8. Bought it and watched it this weekend As awesome as I remember
  9. See Pelosi's statement? That we should celebrate Obamacare for 4th of July ... She even went so far as to say it captures the spirit of our founding fathers ... What a dipshit ...
  10. As a fundamental Christian I cannot fault them. While I wish everyone would come to Christ I see no reason to view what they are doing in the negative. I'm sure that many have seen positive results from such activity. The results just don't happen to include salvation (in my opinion of course). I am a bit curious as to coverage under tax laws though. I'm not familiar enough with the code to know if they would/could qualify or not. At the end of the day the Bible denotes two "churches". The 1st being the body of (all) believers. The second is under the greek work Ecclesia which simply means
  11. The electronic arms race has been going on for a while now. China has had an IEW eliment the size of a BRIGADE for more than a decade. We're actually behind the curve. The IEW battalion we stood up in Maryland a few years ago is a step in the right direction but, just like the nuclear arms race of old, perpetuates the problem in a way. I remember when they started filling those Maryland positions because people in my MOS were/are uniquely prequalified. They came down and tested anyone willing with series of incredibly in depth tests. I passed the first two but couldn't continue due to a medica