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  1. We might disagree politically but ... Yeah, same here. Sarah wont even call to find out a few initial details about a car for me. When we actually go to look at a car she just gets back in the wagon and takes a nap. I've had several sellers either change their minds on selling it to me because I found so much they weren't telling or just go back inside their houses and wait for me to finish going over it, haha.
  2. Check the start of this page. I wrote long details responses towards specific points brought up by Burn-E. However, in the end, facts are meaningless to some people. Also, the use of proper terms can only be called derogatory when they are used with a derogatory connotation. It's like the difference between saying "Jew" and "JEW". Derogatory - tending the lessen the merit or reputation of a person or thing. Niether word is derogatory. Additional verbage would be required to claim the statement (as a whole) is derogatory.
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA hahahahahaha, THIS^ is why liberals will never learn.
  4. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that our critical infrastructure is up to snuff. Actually, I find it to be exceptionally vulnerable. I'm simply pointing out the stupidity of the author and idea as a whole. Especially considering that the supposed threat (if the individuals had been terrorists) is WILDLY exaggerated from start to finish. There are other places where terror like strikes could cause significant damage but this facility (or any facility like it) is not one of them. I know you know that I prep (even though it's a secondary idea). Within the community of people like me there are those who have their tinfoil hats on a little too tight. Those people actively research potential targets if the US population were to revolt against the government. I can't help but happen upon their articles as they tend to pop up from time to time even in some of the places where I can typically get tin-foil-hat-less information. Even they agree that to target locations like these does not work out in cost/benefit analysis. This reminds me of everyone scared after 9/11 about poisoning of water supplies. Not realizing that even a small water supply tainted with a highly toxic substance would require HUGE amounts of the contaminant.
  5. Throttle response pre spool would be nice with the ITBs. I would agree that it's a waste of money and time when that same effect can be had elsewhere. I was simply responding that it IS still doable.
  6. "They spray painted the building’s north wall, which was designed to withstand the impact of aircraft" - They penetrated fences and NOT the building. I'm unimpressed. And what did they accomplish? They got that old man security gaurd screwed over before his retirement. "The gift to us is that terrorists are insufficiently creative and lack true state sponsorship" Please fill us in on your extensive experience with terrorists ... "With those 20 minutes of uninterrupted access to the site, [terrorists] could have blown through the doors or walls of the HEUMF with an explosively formed penetrator and rigged an improvised nuclear device" This idea is based on what exactly? The author knows the design and layout? Even though he earlier states the the building "was designed to withstand the impact of aircraft" Some great material you find. Grade A. Top notch conjecture for sure ...
  7. Hmmm, I've been eyeing a 245 ... Perhaps I should hurry and buy ;-)
  8. And? ITB contained within a high flow plenum works fine :-)
  9. Anyways, you can do it manually by adding "" before and after the image url
  10. His example comes from hollywood ... I hope this is another inside joke ...
  11. I'll certainly admit I'm unable to grasp inside jokes that I'm not on the inside of however, Anyways, Obama has stated he's looking to create a fresh round of executive orders to get more people on the no-go lists for background checks. Right or wring it's the progression of things.
  12. "Wait, you mean I can't go buy an AK-47 at the gun show this Saturday without a FOID or a background check?" Only AKs you'd be buying would be semi auto. It's implied within your own statement.
  13. A semi automatic AK-47 ? You runderstanding of firearms is either extremely limited or you just can't stand the fact that two things that look the same aren't. By this logic all Fieros with a rebody MUST be EXACTLY the same as a real Lambo ...
  14. Well, the lawless care not for laws. That will never change.
  15. The term "Gun Show Loophole" is misleading, as private firearm sellers are not required to perform background checks regardless of location—whether they are at a gun show, a flea market, their home, or anywhere else. Presently, 18 states regulate private firearm sales at gun shows. Seven states require background checks on all gun sales at gun shows (California, Colorado (§12-26.1-101 and § 24-33.5-424, CRS), Rhode Island, Connecticut, Oregon, New York, and Illinois). Four states (Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) require background checks on all handgun, but not long gun, purchasers at gun shows. Seven states require individuals to obtain a permit to purchase handguns that involves a background check (Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota). Certain counties in Florida require background checks on all private sales of handguns at gun shows. Furthermore, ALL online sales are legally required to ship to a certified FFL who will conduct the background check before turning over the firearm to you. Also, you can buy a SEMI automatic AK-47 without much trouble. This is NOT an assualt rifle however. Go wherever you like and try to buy a real assault rifle with full auto and/or select fire. It's not the way you appear to think it is.
  16. I'm sick of explaining it to people. They simply accept whatever CNN throws in their faces.
  17. Perhaps we should make a thread suggesting different firearms for those looking to buy some new toys. I picked up a Beretta CX4 Storm (9mm) for cheap recently. I figured a pistol caliber carbine would be a good platform to get Sarah away from the 10/22. I'm extremely happy with the gun. Threw it into the shoulder and riped off a quick mag just to see and shot a quarter at 50m without trying. A little heavy but it balances nicely when it's in firing position. Quality 18 and 20 rnd mags available. Integrated rail which allows you to cowitness with a reddot. I'd highly recommend it if you can find one at a good price (might be a little hard at the moment).
  18. ... I'd rock it in a heartbeat ...
  19. Damn, I spent so much time rocking oldschool methods with a lot of guesswork I never even thought they would be widely available today ... I guess I know for my next project ... :-/
  20. I could have used one on my old datsun ... Where are you finding em?
  21. You are exactly right that there was A legally armed civilian on scene. Meaning that he had no support and could only have one line of sight. Multiply that by two dozen lines of fire and the likelyhood of a succesful interdiction rises (albiet that the likelyhood of an accident does as well but it's no different than combat). Here's a quote I picked up from an article this morning: "Civility is not a legal thing, it is a social thing. One might pass all the hate-speech laws they wish, it does not change the heart wherein lies the hate. The speech one uses is a reflection of the inner self and to pass laws against speech is to pass laws against emotion, against expression, against the privacy of one’s skull. To pass laws against possession of guns will not stop violence, it will not stop possession, it will only escalate the encounter between police and otherwise law-abiding citizens. It will indeed make outlaws of those who possess guns. These laws are laws passed by a government estranged from the people; a government peering down at the masses concerned mostly with control of those masses, not working in conjunction with the people to find that elusive, necessary balance between liberty and security. These laws show a disrespect for the people; a contempt for them and rightfully so. The people have lacked any significant education over the past several decades where social engineering has replaced the purpose of educators and indoctrination the purpose of the schools. Why should the government view the people as capable of anything other than following orders?"