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  1. Burn-E --- "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" The first half is prefatory and the second half is the operative main clause. If you want to break it down to legal interpretation then you must review the grammar. Furthermore, the Supreme Court is mandated to consider context. The context of the document is very clear as all documentaion by our founding fathers used in the development of the Bill of Rights lists a specific individual right. Those documents also clearly explain the purpose of the bill. The points are not even arguable in those regards. Also, assuming that the Supreme Courts ruling on the matter is wrong because it came late is absurd. It's a legal clarification which assumes no difference in timeline.
  2. Wow ... I see that there's no shortage of complete misunderstanding in regards to what the Bill of Rights is and/or what it means ...
  3. My only issue with such an article is that the status of the NRA really has nothing to do with the point. I couldn't give 2 shatz less what they say about anything and I'm not a member. I appreciate the political pressure regardless of its selfservingness because it accomplishes the goal. On the whole, I avoid lobbying firms and other bs outlets as much as possible. The truth is the truth regardless of who is pushing for it (or against it). "Of the top 15 gun manufacturers, 11 now manufacture assault weapons, many of them variants of the AR-15 – derived from a military rifle designed to kill enemy soldiers at close-to-medium range with little marksmanship" This is a great addition to "Dumb things liberals say". They are not "assault weapons". What they are derived from is irrelevent. They are no more or less effective at hitting anything "with little marksmanship" when compared to any other firearm. It's simply more scare tactic bs that is easily on par with anything one could blame the NRA for. "News" is anything but these days ...
  4. Hahahahaha. Just like it specifically states "for hunting purposes", right? ;-)
  5. Good thing those gangbangers and all others like them nationwide will follow new gun laws ...
  6. I was curious so I dug up some numbers just to see ... 4,486 US soldiers were killed in Iraq between 2003 and 2012. 4,773 people were murdered in Chicago in the same timeframe.
  7. Snow on the ground in AZ :-) , grill fell off the Zombie Wagon the other day though ... lol
  8. Thaat's part of the point. Hear that buzzing noise? That's my statement going over most of your heads apparently ... But nevermind, I'll leave the thread alone ...
  9. Did the spoiler survive? Plan on keeping it? What is that bracket that's sticking out?
  10. “logical fallacy of misleading vividness” - The odds of being involved in a nuclear incident are low and the odds of survival by hiding under kindling is low but the vivid perception of the results drives fear induced reaction. So, the question becomes less about if the fear driven response is valid and more a question of the quantity and quality of responses effects us. The same goes for the sacrificing of our rights for "security" and/or the illusion of it. At what point have we sacrificed too much? "Militarizing our schools I think is going to have a negative psychological affect on the young ones, and ultimately on society" - A very true statement but it's all about that cutoff level. What I find infinetely more scary is the realization that many of these things applied to schools AND society are not safety driven but agenda driven. Some interesting research is to look at how schools in Austria changed after the country voted to be annexed by Hitlers Germany. I'm NOT saying we have Nazi schools but I am saying that there's interesting parallels.
  11. Only partially through but a very good read so far
  12. Oh, I'm not imparting mutual exclusivity to the religion/morals things just pointing it out. Morals play a big part into security however. Even if not directly in regards to the individual performing the action. How someone is treated will effect how they respond. Bad morals on the side of everyone else (teachers included in some cases) are certainly a contributing factor. I see no discipline or courtesy in todays youong soldiers fresh out of school. Less and less inherant desire to protect/defend those around them. Etc etc etc --- I know it is not as black and white of a correlation but it's certainly true. I'd challenge any long time teacher to tell me that their students are better human beings today than they were years ago ...
  13. "the implication that the problems today are due to a "lack of god in schools" is rather insulting." - That's not the implication at all actually. Reread the quote. Taking religion out of the equation I'm mostly concerned with the abandonment of morals. And, as you said, "Religion has many good morals in their story books" I'm still involved in eduction but it's the education of soldiers so it's not really fair for me to speak on public school items directly. From my perspective I CAN say that the quality of young soldiers coming out of our public educational system is shockingly poor. I shouldn't have to work so hard to get them to understand things they already are supposed to.
  14. “For years we've been telling God to get out of our schools, to get out of our government and to get out of our lives. And being the gentleman He is, I believe He has calmly backed out. How can we expect God to give us His blessing and His protection if we demand He leave us alone?”― Anne Graham
  15. We're failing because logic is no longer applied to situations. There also appears to be a theme where nobody wants to handle things on the lowest level possible anymore.
  16. The problem is LIBERAL IDIOTS ! Virginia Del. Joe Morrissey, a Democrat hailing from the Richmond area, showed off the weapon while pushing for tighter gun-control laws ... Follow the link and enlarge the picture. Bringing the gun into the building, felony. Brandishing a firearm, felony. Thumb on the trigger, bolt closed, magazine inserted, and safety OFF ! THESE are the people that are pushing for gun control. I bet Chuck would have grabbed that thing out of his hands and beat him with it. After clearing the weapon of course. I remember when I got flagged by another guy while on convoy. The front site post hit him square in the face.
  17. JC - Well, we could look at Australia. They recently enacted sweeping gun laws and within years the government department which lead the changes admitted that it had ZERO effect on gun related crimes. More importantly, EVERY other class of crime has seen a minimum of a 20% increase in recent years. The most staggering being home invasions. A crime which was largely unknown in that country now has a firm niche in criminal society. Criminals know that they can bust down your door and not be shot. UK - oulaws guns ... stabbings skyrocket ... bans many pocket knives ... stabbings with kitchen knives skyrocket ... make all kitchen knives rounded on the end ... beatings with clubs are now increasing ... ... ... Removing a weapon type from a society just makes those who are still willing to commit violent crimes choose different weapons. And, shows a marked statistical increase in the net number of violent crimes. We can argue different countries definitions of violent crimes if you like but I'm sure we can both agree that stabbings and beatings with blunt object fit the bill regardless. Baseball bats still kill several times more in this country every year compared to firearms. Also, >50% of firearm deaths are suicides. The difference is even larger than it appears at a glance therefor. The FBI database also shows a nice correlation that is easily overlooked. >80% of gun crimes per capita are commited in cities which have a population >100,000.
  18. "Assault Weapon" really is mostly cosmetic based. It's still a semi-auto tiny caliber rifle at the end of the day. I have an Archangel kit with several add-ons for Sarah to shoot. She feels comfortable with it. It's not more or less effective as a weapon because I put on an adjustable lightweight stock for my short 100 lb girlfriend, haha. But this is meaningless to a liberal because they don't care about actions or functionality (look at the politicians and spokepeople they favor) they only care about cosmetics (again, look at the politicians and spokespeople they favor).
  19. There's about 50 variations on this pic and they are all AWESOME !
  20. JC - Compare to Britain for instance. They have a substantially higher rate of violent crimes. You need to reference the countries own recording institutions. And avoid wikipedia ... If you want to take the easy route you can find some non-partisan youtube videos on the matter. Here's an example for ya -
  21. Check the FBI statistics on violence of all types in this country. We've seen a massive decline over the past 50 years. Our rates per 100,000 also beat most other 1st would countries.
  22. The purpose of this set of legislation has nothing to do with making people safer so it's no surprise that nothing proposed changes jack in that regard.
  23. Obama just made his announcement. Check your favorite news outlet for some biased interpretation.
  24. Many states and counties are passing/proposing similar legislation. Dozens of letters from police departments have been sent to the capitol stating that they wont enforce any such laws.