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  1. On the flip side of that ->
  2. Anyone else check out liberal logic 101 ? The facebook page or standalone site ?
  3. Show me the words in the constitution which prohibit any particular type or style of firearms.
  4. Almost an equal number of people die every year from falling as do from firearms. Tell your congressman that be need to ban all gravity! How dare ANY republican support gravity!
  5. Agreed. Forgive my simple english for the sake of internet threadery ... The TRUTH is that the 2nd Amendment was formulated for the people to defend themselves from a tyranical government. Immutable, no? Here's a quick giggle I made as I need to head home and don't really bother with this forum stuff unless it's during the day and during the week.
  6. I haven't watched television in years, I don't listen to the radio for anything but music, and I don't follow any of the Rush Limbaughs or similar (for any side of any issue). This ofcourse wouldn't change the fact that I'm stating a fact and you're arguing a point that doesn't exist except in the minds of people who only follow the constitution where is agrees with them. If I'm one man and the other is a badguy trying to do harm to me or those I have to take care of? Then yeah, for sure. It doesn't matter if the other "man" is an individual badguy, a group, an organization, or the government.
  7. The Supreme Court should be disbanded. The purpose of the Supreme Court is to rule constitutionality and be the final authority on the law. Somewhere along the line it became a political appointment and instantly became the antithesis of what it's there for. Hence why you have splits in the rulings. If something is constitutional (or not) then there is no "interpretation" to be made. Just a judgement one way or the other. Politics is what makes for the influence of personal opinion and yeilds such close splits. Furthermore, as nothing is quantified in the 2nd it is purely a principle based article. Formulated based upon a principle that the people should be armed AGAINST their government. One cannot "interpret" such a principle to mean anything more or less. Now, people can debate if a particluar firearm is reasonably protected under this, sure. However, one would therefor need to keep in mind the principle where we must be capable of fighting our own government or the entire ammendment becomes pointless.
  8. Fixed that for ya ;-) The intent is not debatable to anyone who understands the english language and context. "understanding has shifted" has nothing to do with anything. The fact is not maliable just because we view something differently. This is besides the fact that the same document notes that the Federal government does not have the right to impose anything along these lines because it's not a right specifically granted to them to have power over.
  9. Chuck is more human than human ... So does that mean that Chuck is ... *gulp ... murder personified ?!?!?! The intention of the 2nd ammendment really isn't debatable. I don't care which side tries to distort its meaning they are still wrong. Let's ditch lobbying firms and then allow people to discuss things like always and hold peaceful protests. Lobbying is not a right.
  10. I read the whole thing and agree almost completely. #5 is the only one that I truly get hung up on. Hunting is not what the 2nd Ammendment is about so the idea that only hunting guns need be allowed is absurd. The entire point IS to be as well armed as those who could infringe upon your rights. Other then that ... Yeah, what he wrote sounds reasonable (again, mostly). I'm fine with them giving up their influence so long as every other lobbying agency does the same. Lobbying should be illegal. Then they can all just be clubs for enthusiasts of whatever.
  11. Years ago you went to school and were handed a gun. Target shooting in school swas very popular once upon a time. When my father was a kid he could buy pretty much whatever he wanted. Especially if he had a note from grampa (real or not). The difference is our society. We've changed in an incredible number of ways between then and now. I could point fingers at specific things but it's really the cumulative effect. Which is obviously negative. I'd say some yes and some no. Everyone has a point regardless of how well your brains typical impulse filtering works. People like James Holmes are goofed from birth but there's plenty of people who are normal yet hit that tipping point. Really, it applies to everything and not just "going nuts".
  12. This is making for other problems though. I have several friends who have recently picked up new toys that they can't get ammo for until March. Magazines are also hard to find. I might unload some guns, ammo, and accessories just to supply people and make a few extra bucks. I don't have guns I don't use (or intend to) though so we'll see.
  13. You're the one who called speed limits bad, haha. Limitations are fine until they infringe upon constiutional freedoms.
  14. As is your right. I'm not saying that you are generally stupid or anything like that. It's simpyl a case by case basis of an individuals statement. It really has nothing to do with you regardless of what we agree or differ on in any regards. Not that I'm trying to hide the fact that I'm an a-hole who is antisocial and paranoid, lol.
  15. Oh I agree there don't get me wrong. I flew frequently when I was on mobile training teams. It's the GENERAL fact that when you opt into a service fully aware of the extras (good and bad) that you have no room to complain IN THAT REGARD. Obviously, there are innumerous reasons to complain that are not attached to my point. It's purely an example anyways.
  16. I didn't say that it works. Because it doesn't. My point was that it exists in a service that I opt into and therefor have no room for complaint for having to go through it. Which is ofcourse seperate to the fact that it's a tax dollar waste that creates problems perpetually. You don't need insurance to buy a house. You need insurance to get a mortgage. A service which you opt into. I don't have homeowners insurance but I paid cash in full. Driving a car off the lot means participating in the public road system which is a choice. Buying the car doesn't require insurance unless you're financing. Which is another service you opt into. I only rep down comments which are stupid. It has nothing to do with who makes it. Only with the intelligence of the comment itself. You choose to opt into volvospeed so you choose to opt into the rating system and its flaws. See the parrallels? Again, it's not about your conviction or reasoning. So long as your statement is intelligent, offers facts, and isn't misleading ... I don't rep down. Divert and I will (as is my option). No mortgage. The state requires insurance to register if you are registering any type of vehicle for on road use (again, a service you opt into). The S60 is currently not registered as a road going vehicle because I'm not driving it on the road during the build (I have 3 other cars after all). This saves money on registration and insurance as I'm not opting into the services which require insurance. Unless it's gun registration, bans, ammo purchase limits, etc ... You wonder why I sometimes rep statements like this down?
  17. You're not forced into having insurance. You only have to have it if you opt into driving on public roads. Which is a privelage and not a right. It's the reason why I don't complain about airport security bull. I CHOOSE to opt into their service fully aware of such mandates and proceedures. Furthermore, deaths from speeding kill more in this country than firearms but you think speed limits are bad? ... Just ... WTF? ...
  18. He's likely referring to issues that are not purely from inconsistancies in reporting. I don't wear a tinfoil hat but many things are ... Poorly fitting ...
  19. Chuck is bang on in regards to education. Sarah gets taught to break down, clean, handle, and fire - ALL of our firearms shortly after they come home. If I can't hold up a gun for a second from accross the room and have her tell me if the safety is on or off ... Then she's going through it all again until she's comfortable. If I'm to have guns in my home and Sarah in my own then they must be confortable with eachother for all our safety (in several regards). Several states (including my home state of NY) now have mandatory driver safety classes. Yes it's mandatory so it's legislation but it's based on the principle of education. Hunters safety courses are a great deal of general safety info and a nice splash of hunters ethics. EDUCATE the public. Just like we educated them about drinking/driving, smoking (leading cause of death), and more recently obesity (2nd leading cause which kills >800 per DAY). This is besides the fact that the 2nd Ammendment was written for the people to have final say in government (through enforcement of the constitution or the threat thereof). That final say is meaningless if the only thing the government allows you to have is muskets and freaking revolvers because you've lost the ability to enforce and have therefor lost that right in its entirity.
  20. If laws/regulations curb issues then why is having murder be illegal still result in murder? If you want to see the effect of laws/regulations on firearms all you need to do is spend a few minutes on google. Australia is the most recent to apply strict regulation and within years was forced to admit that it had ZERO effect on GUN CRIME. Which doesn't even touch on that fact that their other crime rates have skyrocketed.
  21. That's right. People who want to kill people change their minds when they don't have a gun handy. Same with suicides ... Are you hearing (reading) yourself? Fudge - Even if he finds reasonable data their wont be context. The death rate figure he quoted looks like nothing compared to virtually everything else. That's the only way liberals can "debate" topics. Which is to say that they debate improperly. Edit: Sorry, that came off a little more dickish to Flyfishing then I intended.
  22. I'd bet that <1% of firearm deaths are from a registered/legal firearm. Also, >821 deaths per day directly related to obesity. Put down that BigMac and pick up a gun. You'll be safer in several ways. That's the second leading cause of death by the way. The first is tobacco use. Let's not forget that the leading weapon for US deaths is still the club/baseball-bat By the way, >50% of those gun related deaths are suicides.