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  1. Excess is a cultural point for us but causes more deaths from BigMacs than firearms. Never was happy with the 9mm. Too many compropmises imho. "CLIPS" ... I get so frustrated when I see this word on CNN. Ban all the "clips" you like, lol. Mental health screenings would be a tool used to disqualify whomever they like. I'd argue that most vets, those who carried weapons in the service of this country, wouldn't pass the screening they would propose. A nice little tidbit here you CERTAINLY wont see on CNN - 2 days after Sandy Hook -
  2. I work with police departments on identifying vehicles used in crimes. Generally it's hit-and-run incidents. Last one was on Dec 21st and killed a little 5yo kid. Most of the time they don't catch the badguys even after a positive ID on the year/make/model/trim/color of the vehicle. It sucks ...
  3. True, this is off topic anyways. I don't think anyone is questioning legislation over homemade bombs, haha.
  4. HMTD has an RE of 0.8 and an explosive velocity of around 4,500m/s - That ranks it near the bottom of the list on RE just above regular gunpowder and an EV near the bottom of the list just over mercury fulminate. That's assuming it's pure of course. That's equivalent to a 0.015 lb gunpowder pipebomb with no pipe. An M80 in other words (I know I'm underestimating a little but it really isn't enough to do anything).
  5. I'm not saying her and her boyfriend were right/innocent ... But they had ~7 grams of HMTD ... Thats less than the weight of 3 pennies and equals about an M80.
  6. I read an interesting article the other day about a guy who beat his wife to death with two banjos. The first one broke so he finished her with another. Ban assault banjos!
  7. I blame mothers. If they hadn't popped out babies those babies wouldn't have grown up and shot people. We should ban mothers and the Chinese. Problem solved.
  8. If you all would like an interesting read on historical gun control and other social policy issues I'd suggest this article: - It's a first hand account of the facts so it's not some crazy debatable jargon.
  9. California shouldn't be used for an example of anything positive, lol. We were expected to clear enemy weapons in the Army. I imagine that Cali is the exception and not the rule. Biden keeps meeting with Holder which is just laughable in my eyes. I imagine they are seriously considering most of the provisions in Feinsteins proposal. I'd bet we end up with the following: Hicap magazine ban (what that level will be is questionable), the banning of certain firearms (with grandfathering), improve the strictness of background checks, mandatory wait times for all firearm purchases, mandatory registration of all firearms. I'm not saying these things are right obviously ... I just think they are the likely proposals which could pass.
  10. Firearms are cleared upon confinscation. This is basic nationwide policy. If you want to get really into the conspiracy theory thing check out the interviews with parents. I'm not into the conspiracy thing but this weirded me out anyways. Just days after the incident where their kids were killed they are on tv smiling and laughing. Not one tear. Then there's the father who gave a little speech. Before he gets on stage he's smiling, talking, and laughing with everyone around him. Right before he gets up to talk he starts huffing and puffing (if you've been around kids you know this is the way to get yourself worked up). It was freaky to watch that stuff. Ok, I'll take off the tin-foil now.
  11. So you think that they pulled th eBushmaster off the kid, took that evidence and placed it in the trunk, and then opened the trunk? O.o Well, the Bushmaster is NOT an assault rifle by federal standards anyways ... Finding the Bushmaster in the Trunk of the car which was cordoned off =!
  12. That isn't the video I'm refering to. I don't doubt that he had the Bushmaster. I'm mentioning a video which clearly shows the rifle being removed from the trunk. I think it was on Fox news first.
  13. We know a shotgun was there but the articles you link to say there wasn't. So the articles are at least partially wrong. Anyways, even if the guns were in a gunsafe it's reasonable to assume he would have access to the keys after killing his mother in whatever fashion he chose. This is all besides the fact of what the 2nd Ammendment is there for. Reasonable regulation is already in place.
  14. Look at the original video and the local police are pulling the Bushmaster from the trunk.
  15. You cannot buy firearms through the internet. They must be shipped to registered gun brokers who perform background checks before you can get it from them. Ammo limitations would be meaningless and people would simply buy the max at each interval. Person to person sales at gun shows like we have now is the same damn thing. You already have to provide ID to buy a firearm even from a private party. Why would not permitting the sale of certain weapons alter anything? Also, many calibers are used in many firearms regardless of design. The only supporting evidence I've seen is video of the local police pulling the Bushmaster from the trunk of the vehicle. Pretty good evidence though, haha.
  16. I have a question to propose. I did a bit of research on the topic and couldn't find anything. Can anyone find a historical example (anytime in the history of the world) where weapons regulation decreased the number of violent crimes? I can find a massive amount of evidence to the contrary but not one example of a reduction. Not surprising I guess, considering that firearm regulation is not about reducing the number of crimes it's about agenda. Australia started it's anti-gun legislation campaign in 1996. Cost was ~$1,000 per firearm which was turned in (mandatory turn in). Even the nicest stats show only a 3.2% reduction in gun related crime. While home invasions, assaults, and sexual assaults have seen a minimum increase of 20%. In 2002 the Australian Bureau of Criminology acknowledged that there was zero reduction in gun related violent crime after the ban. 2006 in Australia saw the highest murder rate in their history. This can be paired with dozens of independant studies (many done in the UK which has similar laws) which show the same things. Strictor? The cities/states with the strictest laws have seen the highest rates. Criminals don't follow laws. The kid that shot up that school broke over 40 laws. You think that dding a few more to list he was willing to break would help?
  17. Also, do you guys do anything to prolong the life of your boots. I've never had one tear and all I do is coat the outside of the boot with axle grease to keep the rubber pliable. Then I wrap in plastic so the grease doesn't fly off. I've done the same thing to dozens of cars and never had an issue regardless of lowering. The S60 tucks about 1/4 the sidewall in the rear and the front is pretty low too (with nothing in the car), haven't had an issue yet.
  18. I can't support Autozone anymore. Not after they fired an employee who saved his managers life due to corporate gun policy. Anything and everything oem replacement I but through rockauto. Their prices are awesome, service is good, and delivery is fast. I'm seeing 4 brand options through them just for auto trans 850's. APWI, EMPI, Suretrack, and Cardone. From $40.79 to $85.79
  19. I run EMPI axles in my Infiniti G20 autocross car. No issues so far and the car is abused regularly.
  20. I view internet subculture pretty similarly to this ...
  21. I typed "Sarah" instead of "Susan" because I was messaging Sarah while typing it. Damn I'm slow today. At least I fixed it right, lol. Haven't seen any other versions. I just wrote what came to mind. I don't care so much about the politics, just the humor of it.
  22. They are showing up as gifs on my page O.o - Either way you guys are right. Never been really big into the culture of the internet, lol. I also didn't check all the pages when I posted that 1st one and made a repost :-/
  23. Haha, I retyped it wrong. I meant to type Sarah Rice, gimme a sec to fix it, lol