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  1. Sarah messaged me the first verse and I kinda went crazy from there. My original setup had "drone strike" in the lyrics but I changed it when I heard a plane over head ... Enjoy! Oh you better not work. You better not try. You better not earn. I'm telling you why. Obama Claus is coming to town. He's making a list And checking it twice; Gonna send out Susan Rice Obama Claus is coming to town He sees what you are tweeting He knows you can't find work He knows if you've been bad or good So submit for goodness sake! O! You better watch out! You better not earn Better not try I'm telling you why Obama Claus is cominggggggg ... to town! --- Oh, I caught you singing it in your head ;-)
  2. How I got Sarah to come home with me
  3. I've looked at those lips about 500 times trying to decide if it's worth the dough. $350 new is what I've seen but it probably doesn't have "Volvo" stamped onto the plastic.
  4. How bad of shape is it in? Can't really tell with all that mud. If it's in semi-reasonable condition and you're looking to ditch it ... My PM box is waiting :ph34r:
  5. Funny how those wheels came on P2s and looked ugly ... But aren't too bad as a 17" option for 850s and S70s ... lol - Heavy buggers though.
  6. Rob ... You wife looks so much like my ex-wife that I did a double take ... lol
  7. I've been toying with the idea of using a wmi kit to spray in an E85 mix. It's just ethanol instead of methanol. Plus, it's cheaper by the gallon. Also, you can find a local chemical distributor and just buy methanol by the gallon then mix however you like.
  8. Only had the Phone to take a picture with but ... I dropped the new wagon off at the new house with Sarah following in the Zombie Wagon. Had to take a picture, haha.
  9. That is a very nice subtle touch. Anodized aluminum?
  10. I think the plastidipped would look better if the trim was color matched instead of regular plastic. They look too similar imo.
  11. This is a rattle can job. This particular shot is pre-polish too. I didn't need anything spectacular for my autocrosser so it worked out nicely.
  12. I'm not a fan of the stuff but I think that anyone who ends up with damage probably did something wrong and it's therefor not the products fault. There's several people down here in Arizona where the sun destroys paint and they haven't had a problem after removal. Despite the fact that the UV light is eating away at the PlastiDip AND the paint underneath.
  13. I just dropped a write up I made today for in the cosmetics section. Sorry I didn't email it to you first Chuck. I remembered seeing this only after I posted the thread :-/
  14. Sooooo ... With how close that bed is to the ceiling ... I imagine it's a pretty safe bet that the only tazzy that'll be in your bed is that cat ... Not that the babes wont dig the shack or anything like that ... ... ...
  15. TKI Street Car Build

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