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  1. Android is really pumping out some excellent devices. I'm using an S7 Edge for work (I like it, but could do without the bloatware) and a Pixel for personal (best phone I've ever had, would buy again and again. If there was a time to jump from Apple to Android, now seems to be an appropriate time.
  2. Yeah they seem to be the predecessor to what we now know as the naked sportbike from what I understand. It's a more upright and relaxed riding position with the same (not identical) power delivery and similar braking and suspension components as it's super-sport counterpart. Call me old, but that's why I'm looking at picking up an FZ-10 for sport touring in the next year or so. It's a sport-inspired bike with plenty of power (same crossplaned inline 4 as the current R1) but is very comfortable and has tons of aftermarket for touring accessories like bags and whatnot.
  3. Honda Hornet? What year? I've been seeing a few around here lately for sale, curious how they ride.
  4. Leave the suspension alone, give it an R engine and drivetrain. That's my dream with an 06 OR XC70, but I've been coming up short. Nice work Andy! Hope all is well!
  5. That doesn't actually sound like fun.
  6. I will, for sure, in about 5 years when they start coming off lease
  7. Anyone want to buy a 2006 XC90 V8 Ocean Race with 82k miles? https://m.imgur.com/gallery/RD7kf
  8. Make sure you shampoo the fart smell out of the driver's alcantara. Congrats man ;)
  9. Dealership around the corner from me just got one in brown and I kinda really fucking dig it.
  10. V90 Cross Country Pics. I like it. http://imgur.com/a/Jid8i
  11. Yeah, I'm a bit south of you in Rochester NY. Left for the airport at 5am this morning and it was 9F. I couldn't get on my flight out of town fast enough.
  12. Look at me and my fancy things, laaaaa deeee daaaaaaa. If you want to have a serious conversation, give me a call. But in all honesty, my XC90 is probably the best car I've owned for a lot of reasons. Super comfortable, it will go just about anywhere and tow just about anything I need it to, and on the highway I've seen 25mpg. I might think about upgrading the sways in the near future as I've been told it will handle like an X5.
  13. is this thread done yet, or are we waiting for inauguration?
  14. Tough to compare the two because they seem like they both have different purposes. Which ones was I looking at yesterday Daren? I lost the link.
  15. Finally back to this thread, hopefully going to hold onto this one longer than the previous two. Just bought this guy, a 1979 Honda CB750F Super (Duper) Sport. I'll probably rode it through the 2017 season and then tear it down next winter for a full rebuild and Cafe package.
  16. Early Christmas present. 1979 Honda CB750F SuperSport.
  17. I don't know that you have a ton of room to talk when it comes to being least educated..
  18. Even P2s are a huge step up from P80s. That being said, my XC90 is the perfect daily for the next few years while I ponder what my next fun car will be. Definitely done with FWD and quite possibly Volvo, at least for the next one.
  19. Same situation with P2s. TME Springs are generally the best springs in the business IMO but you must install them on the car they're intended for. I remember someone having issues with installing S60R TMEs on his S60 AWD, just about the same problem you described.