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  1. Most people have bought a set and sold the rears. I see rear springs on SS all the time. It seems like the way to go.
  2. Literally just to fill the space. Aesthetics are important to me.
  3. My thoughts exactly. They look like aftermarket wheels but not necessarily suited for the car. I'm sure you could sell them in a heartbeat if you really wanted to.
  4. I'd really like to do the same in my XC90. I want an aftermarket head unit for it but the space is so large, it doesn't look clean when you install a double din head unit because of how much space is left over around it. I wish they made larger head units, but installing a tablet is probably my best bet, though I don't know the first thing in how to go about it. XC90 Double Din option: If I could find this bezel and keypad, I'd do this. I just simply can't find it anywhere, but notice how it looks so much cleaner. Bonus because I love the Incredibles.
  5. That didn't take long I agree, the second ones are much nicer.
  6. Does anyone have access to free CarFax reports, or can someone give me Steve Sze's contact info? Looking to generate a report on my C70 for a potential buyer.
  7. If you have another problem with it leaking at the union, put a little pipe dope on the mating ends of the union and then tighten the nut back up. Works every time. Did you tape it as well?
  8. Oh man, that means you'll be C70-less. Here, let me help you:
  9. I doubt he was actually at the scene of the accident to see what happened. That's at a junk yard, Alden.
  10. Pretty pissed about this last week's appointed personnel. Let's take a step back, America.
  11. As do you. You were staring at it the entire way home from Ithaca because you couldn't get past me. Silly Mikey.
  12. Hey Andy get a bigger downpipe. it translates to more flow which equals more noise which equals more power. Just a friendly tip.
  13. Do you have the last sentence always copied, so when you're done writing a post you just CTRL + V and SUBMIT? Do you sign off your work emails that way as well?
  14. Yeah..Trump doesn't have an issue with gays. It's Pence driving that issue. http://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/trump-says-he-s-fine-gay-marriage-60-minutes-interview-n683606
  15. http://i.imgur.com/VHbmLuo.gifv Seems appropriate.
  16. Lol he's the only person until you that I've seen refer to it as Adventure Series, so you might have hit that nail on the head.
  17. Yeah I agree with everything you just said. This is weird.