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  1. Anyone interested or know of someone looking for an 8/10 '98 C70 T5M with all the fun bits a 16T could appreciate? I've got some other life plans coming up in the next few months and wouldn't mind offloading it for some extra funds. I'll be doing a formal for sale ad soon, but figured I'd post this now.
  2. I plan on being baked all day. My party has already started. Maybe compromise between the two in that if you voted and have proof (generate some kind of receipt or something when you vote), it's a valid excuse to take the day off.
  3. I thought that's what the yellow was for
  4. That won't cause an issue. Temperature probes and thermocouples are designed to be installed to the center of the vessel's volume to get the most accurate readings, so keep that in mind when you're measuring how much to cut and whatnot. I can provide a shitty hand sketch if it makes it easier to understand.
  5. That's pretty much what I'm looking to do. Upgrade the seat, bars, shifters and breaks and call it a day. Just something moderate to make it ride smoother. Also I don't think you used enough hashtags
  6. I really need to build up my Specialized CrossRoads into a cheap commuter but I've been lacking the time. After seeing your stuff it might light a fire.
  7. Wondered if they're surviving street parking. Haven't driven either one in 4 weeks.
  8. He didn't understand anything you just wrote.
  9. Ahhh Reddit. I admit I use it every day but also understand how biased the website is as a whole.
  10. Most marinas mandate that at the time of a large storm, residents with vessels docked in their slips must move their boats to protect the marina. I'm thinking that may be what's going on here as you can see a few other boats in that video doing pretty much the same thing.
  11. No thanks, I'll stick to land in that particular situation.
  12. This is what my dreams are made of. Thanks for the info! Yeah o definitely want to get out into the countryside and see some of the paths less traveled, but Fuji is definitely on the list simply because I'd like to be able to say I've done it and ive heard great things despite being a tourist attraction anymore.
  13. http://www.engineswapdepot.com/?p=10448
  14. *puke* idk how people can eat that stuff. Maybe I have a weak stomach.
  15. That's almost the same thing as saying that, because I'm German, I supported the Third Reich. Come on Kev.
  16. I'm heading to Japan in the next year as well. Any plans to do some hiking while you're there?
  17. Hey. I met your friends at Advanced Auto on Monroe Ave in Roc. They had some great things to say about your "dope shaggin wagon". Figured I'd share. Let's catch up one of these days, eh? Gotta rep that VCOWNY
  18. As it should. The world doesn't have a place for people trying to shove religion down other people's throats.
  19. Unless this election spawns the end of the GOP and a political revolution arises. PLEASE LORD.
  20. Can a moderator please un-archive Chicken Shack Videos please?
  21. "Where were you Secretary Clinton?" - DJT "I was preparing for the presidency." HRC I am by no means a Hillary supporter, but that just had me in stitches.