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  1. You’re obviously either 17 or just fucking dumb maybe both, time will tell. Keep up the great work
  2. Wow this guy IS that fucking dumb, I win the bet guys
  3. We need uncle mike back (scumcity) wonder what he’s up to
  4. You’re losing your touch old man 🤣
  5. Aaaaannnddd that’s why I’m so thankful for Audi’s modular dash
  6. Yea I loved my KWs on the S40, but given these are the same thing as the V1s and the ST option being available I went with the cheaper option, they were on sale to, paid less than $800 for them, welcome to wagon life
  7. Cracked a rear spring and/or perch on the Audi: ST-X coil overs New mounts HD front control arms skid plate
  8. Now just chalkboard the black section so we can draw dicks on it at Carlisle.... if there ever is another Carlisle 😔
  9. I made it through another decade without any kids... cheers 🥂 fuckers
  10. Maybe you drove through some nasty shit, oily grimey puddle 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. I was considering going to Sweden this fall but between what happened to G-Easy a while ago and the A$AP Rocky thing now and my ummmm everything 🙄 I’m terrified of the idea of getting locked up in a foreign country. My cousins in the UK said recently there’s been a rash of crazy arrests there of foreigners even EU citizens in a what they say is a massive cash grab by the government. They won’t go and are advising me not to, my brother was there in March but he doesn’t drink/party etc. But he said in a few places there was a strong anti-American sentiment and they made it known. anyone been recently or know anything about all this?
  12. Holy shit all the man whores are coming back! I guess Kurt will post tomorrow??? Text me motherfucker! looks like your living out west now?