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  1. Did some recoding with VCDS, trying to get rid of some false light errors from the LED swap
  2. I EAT ASS, that’s my covid vaccine
  3. I got a set of willowood calipers and brackets from my old S40 if you’re interested
  4. We need uncle mike back (scumcity) wonder what he’s up to
  5. You’re losing your touch old man 🤣
  6. Aaaaannnddd that’s why I’m so thankful for Audi’s modular dash
  7. Yea I loved my KWs on the S40, but given these are the same thing as the V1s and the ST option being available I went with the cheaper option, they were on sale to, paid less than $800 for them, welcome to wagon life
  8. Cracked a rear spring and/or perch on the Audi: ST-X coil overs New mounts HD front control arms skid plate
  9. Now just chalkboard the black section so we can draw dicks on it at Carlisle.... if there ever is another Carlisle 😔
  10. I made it through another decade without any kids... cheers 🥂 fuckers