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  1. Off Topic: The Thread

    Let me guess, this isn’t in the List something awesome thread because they’re all private and will cost north of $100k a year???
  2. Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    I do believe that was the only pic I’ve seen of it on here since.... 2010... now I feel old
  3. Off Topic: The Thread

    Dougy needs those seats in the magic blue 850
  4. Off Topic: The Thread

    Missing the front bumper and wheels 🧐
  5. Off Topic: The Thread

    Scab life
  6. Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    BlackBerry pffff
  7. Off Topic: The Thread

    I hope that’s not URS4 under there
  8. Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    Some people pay good money for such a thing
  9. Motorcycle Picture Thread

    Yea the superduke is a 1290, I know someone who will sell it to me cheap that's the only reason I'm considering it, while I haven't owned a bike in 10 years I have been riding a decent amount since then, most recently a bobbed out Shadow and a friends old Kawasaki 900, also rode a '17 Busa this past summer 😗
  10. Motorcycle Picture Thread

    I have, but I haven't owned a bike in over 10 years and I'm not tryna go all that crazy right now
  11. Motorcycle Picture Thread

    lol I've been labeling cables at work ZT-xxx for 3 weeks now, FZ-09 is what I meant
  12. Motorcycle Picture Thread

    Dope, I'm looking to pick up a ZT-09 this winter for the spring... maybe a KTM SuperDuke as well
  13. My first and worst build

    Doesn't say anything about reassembly/balancing in the quote, planning on doing that yourself???
  14. Off Topic: The Thread

    Unlock the confessions thread I think I got AIDS
  15. How Your Car Sits

    What's in the cooler???