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  1. Thanks, I love it, never thought I could actually love driving an SUV but it does everything pretty well. The blackout is on the list I’m just waiting till it cools down here a bit.
  2. Man it’s gonna be awkward when one of your kids comes out 🤣
  3. New air filter and evap purge control valve on the Cayenne
  4. That would all be too easy, I’m going down a dark path that will surely lead to my own demise if I’m lucky
  5. Wonder if he’s tried bringing the Celica for service at Ferrari 🤣
  6. Yea, can’t wait to hurt some feelings in the 911 community 😈
  7. 08, standard with the upgraded Bose system, expensive option for the standard package. Became standard equipment in 2010
  8. Backup camera for the Cayenne, replaces one of the license plate lights with the camera and a small LED
  9. Side marker bulbs on the Cayenne, blows my mind how little the guys on the boards know and how few touch their cars.
  10. I’ve been following a bunch of Ukrainian IG accounts posting live updates and videos
  11. Same, I maybe used them twice in 2018 and then GEICO gave me free roadside assistance and a discount when I started getting quotes from other companies in December. AAA is a national service but work as local/regional chapters so it could just be your regional office that hates you, maybe try calling the corporate end 🤷🏼‍♂️
  12. OEM roof rails, got too cold/dark to deal with swapping the box over. Also ditched the sunroof visor that came with the car.