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  1. This is a long and dark path you seek
  2. I made it through another decade without any kids... cheers 🥂 fuckers
  3. Maybe you drove through some nasty shit, oily grimey puddle 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. I was considering going to Sweden this fall but between what happened to G-Easy a while ago and the A$AP Rocky thing now and my ummmm everything 🙄 I’m terrified of the idea of getting locked up in a foreign country. My cousins in the UK said recently there’s been a rash of crazy arrests there of foreigners even EU citizens in a what they say is a massive cash grab by the government. They won’t go and are advising me not to, my brother was there in March but he doesn’t drink/party etc. But he said in a few places there was a strong anti-American sentiment and they made it known. anyone been recently or know anything about all this?
  5. Holy shit all the man whores are coming back! I guess Kurt will post tomorrow??? Text me motherfucker! looks like your living out west now?
  6. Yea but the front wheel wells and firewall gap are packed with several keys of Columbian bam bam for balance
  7. Depends on how many pieces you cut em into
  8. You’re all cunts, and you’re the queen cunt of cuntness the cuntiest cunt twats ever existed
  9. Save for a few stray ball bearings 🙄
  10. I just sold an AR to a kid from PA in a saffron VR with an obnoxious logo on the front grill
  11. Venice Beach, then San Diego then Silver Lake, was actually in Thousand Oaks the night of the shooting a couple blocks away
  12. I recognize it but can’t recall whose it was
  13. Let us know how your racial sensitivity training goes at Starbucks
  14. Because you can legally behead hookers in Mexico and get UC stem cell smoothies on every corner, plus the blow is waaaayyy better and cheaper and more plentiful, Better get across the border before the wall goes up
  15. Yea but try high-speed scrubbing on pornhub.... you’re welcome