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  1. Speedspeed.com rambonespeed.com cuntspeed.com are all available
  2. Pads and rotors all around and got the big boy tires mounted
  3. I’ll allow it 🤣 I’d say there’s probably less than 10 active OGs here who still own Volvos.
  4. Headlight bulbs on the cayenne. Went with Philips xtreme, they’re definitely better than the orsams that were in there but I’ve gotten too used to the Audis bi-xenons. I’ve looked into installing the OEM bi-xenons but have been assured the auto leveling won’t work and I will have bulb error light without wiring in a new harness all the way back to the canbus. I’d never put HIDs in a regular halogen lamp but the cayenne has halogen projectors so I may experiment with some 4300k HIDs and see if I can get a crisp cutoff and eliminate stray light. any thoughts???
  5. I’ve had a couple near misses lately that have me thinking I need one of these
  6. Laufen X-fit AT tires 245/70r17 Pads, rotors and lines for all 4 corners
  7. It’s hard for once you get an SUV, granted I’ll never get rid of the avant
  8. I got the drain pan with a box wrench and swapped it for en ECS magnetic drain plug with a smaller head so that shouldn’t be an issue and I have a 36mm socket that works for the filter. but by the time you get enough extensions on the filter socket to clear the steering rack the ratchet is hitting the wheel/suspension components so the car needs to be in the air so you can add another extension to get the ratchet below wheel or remove the wheel. Definitely have to come up with some kind of funnel from the pan next time to avoid that mess.
  9. Oil change on the cayenne, what a pain the fucking dick. Super tight with limited access and both the pan and filter drain all over the subframe. Porsche really said go fuck yourself on this one.
  10. On the Cayenne: intake valve carbon clean, hardwired the radar and cleaned and greased the door hinges.
  11. Truth. I was looking for an X5 manual and was searching every site at least 20-30 times a day. Most of them were gone within hours or even sold locally before they were posted. When I found the cayenne it was only listed 45 minutes before I found it and contacted him and there was someone who had already looked at it before it was listed who was unable to afford it. I test drove it and bought it that day.
  12. Looks like you have to go to the member page and and click the icon under the avatar
  13. Yea I bought the cayenne to get the Audi off the road and now I’m worried about it getting banged up because it’s so clean. Maybe I need to pick up a crv for the train station
  14. Here it’s everyone in an suv with 20s and low pro all seasons or even summers getting stuck and sliding around, I love driving in the snow but here I worry about even parking on the street with the amount of idiots I see out every year. Its gotten worse with awd becoming the standard and people thinking they’re suddenly impervious to the elements. I also know people who had no idea their suv was fwd or rwd and thought all SUVs were awd.
  15. It looks like mine and Andy’s avatars are having a suck-off via FaceTime
  16. You just made Kevin’s he-pussy wet
  17. It’s been raining since I picked it up, hopefully it clears up tomorrow and I can snap some pics EDIT: raining this morning no end in sight according to radar so you get a dark wet teaser 08 Cayenne V6, no air ride but every other option, 73k miles, full service history from Paul Miller Porsche. Keeping the stock 17s, ordered some general Grabbers in 265/65/17, black OEM roof rails, android HU to replace the dates PCM 2.1 and I’ll probably delete the 3rd cat and aux mufflers. It being silver though I’m tempted to do the yellow lights like I had on the S40
  18. New Shred Sled, it’s not an X5, it’s not an XC90, but it looks like this
  19. I was looking into XC90s as well but it seems they never fixed the trans issues and they’re all still time bombs after 100k. Is this still the general consensus?
  20. Think I’m gonna do the build page for the Audi on pornhub just to force people to check in there and get the drumroll before all my vids
  21. Anyone got unlimited CARFAX? I’m locked out of my app right now and can’t login on the site either
  22. Im checking it out this week if it’s good it’s mine
  23. I might be joining the X5 crew… 3 pedals though 😈