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  1. Yea but try high-speed scrubbing on pornhub.... you’re welcome
  2. Top Gear’s segment on it was better even with the hamster behind the wheel
  3. Messing with the spirit of ODB like that it may not 😶
  4. I’ve actually found audizine to be the best for the 2 platforms I deal with being the B6 and the C5, lot of knowledgeable guys, tons of write ups and a lot of people actually working on their cars
  5. You were in Queens yesterday???? I live in Queens dude 😔
  6. This is the Trunp era boy, no one gets to live their life without scrutiny and shaming
  7. Yea, hands are tattooed... my dreams of selling premium flooring are shattered 😫
  8. Not a whole lot, traveling a lot with my girlfriend, getting tattoos in places Flyfishing mike would hate, working trying to maintain 3 cars and build/prep the 2.7T to swap into the Audi, hoping to have the motor done and in by June and all the wiring done shortly after.
  9. One man’s legal troubles/divorce/drug/hooker addiction is another man’s treasure
  10. They’ll ban mail/shipping in TX before guns at this rate
  11. Yesterday did the oil pump/pickup tube on the Audi, ran a liquimoly sludge treatment. Opened up the valve cover to find the cam chain and tensioner had been replaced not too long before I bought the car and it seems it had the Audi desludge done at a dealer. the culprit was tiny piece of hardened sludge that came from a corner of the pan/block and lodged in the pickup tube. after inspecting the engine thoroughly and seeing it is indeed very healthy I’m gonna throw a stage 2 from motoza and some Bosch 550s I’m so I can have some fun while I’m building the 2.7 with Frankenturbos
  12. The hood latch isn’t center of the grill on x70s? I had an issue on the S40 once can’t remember exactly what the problem was but having the eggcrate grill saved me because I could stick a socket on a swivel extension in and remove the latch to open the hood and fix everything
  13. I’m here but currently inactive.... like any good case of herpes
  14. Sure it wasn’t a ball bearing caught in there 😶???
  15. Flywheel doesn’t have to be machined, early version of the disk that Yang used had a bigger spring hub, when I rediscovered that thread a few years ago the disk had undergone a revision and fit perfectly as did everyone who went with the setup after that. And no the S60R setup is not interchangeable with this setup. It’s either S60R clutch and flywheel OR 850 SMF, 850R pressure plate and Sachs SD693 disk