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  1. Let me guess, this isn’t in the List something awesome thread because they’re all private and will cost north of $100k a year???
  2. I do believe that was the only pic I’ve seen of it on here since.... 2010... now I feel old
  3. Dougy needs those seats in the magic blue 850
  4. Missing the front bumper and wheels 🧐
  5. Some people pay good money for such a thing
  6. Yea the superduke is a 1290, I know someone who will sell it to me cheap that's the only reason I'm considering it, while I haven't owned a bike in 10 years I have been riding a decent amount since then, most recently a bobbed out Shadow and a friends old Kawasaki 900, also rode a '17 Busa this past summer 😗
  7. I have, but I haven't owned a bike in over 10 years and I'm not tryna go all that crazy right now
  8. lol I've been labeling cables at work ZT-xxx for 3 weeks now, FZ-09 is what I meant
  9. Dope, I'm looking to pick up a ZT-09 this winter for the spring... maybe a KTM SuperDuke as well
  10. Unlock the confessions thread I think I got AIDS
  11. As long as you wear a flannel and bump ice cube while driving it'll look just fine
  12. Weren't you trying to sell this on SS a little while ago? you were just a little too far from me at the time
  13. Damn dude last time I saw you you were still shopping in the kids section, you're all grown up now😂 Oh yea congrats on the motor
  14. Thanks, I love the color, it's called goodwood green. Pretty rare across all B6s but apparently there's only 11 avants in that color in the country and that includes S4 avants as well.
  15. I just found out the STs from my brothers C5 A6 will fit my B6 A4...
  16. 2004 A4 Avant 1.8T 6MT Quattro 124k,1 owner clean carfax, dealer maintained with full service records, fully loaded
  17. OR.... hookers and keys in the trunk