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  1. Looking to get my girl a good point and shoot camera for Xmas, looking at the nikons, any recommendations???
  2. And causing a 2+ hour delay at the Lincoln tunnel
  3. Pale green with tan interior and options is all I've ever really been able to sumise
  4. Finished Stranger Things in 2 days, anyone got any other suggestions?
  5. True, I guess the traffic there isn't nearly as bad as New York City to boot
  6. Dude are you running stock fucking brakes???
  7. I tried that with my old Sentra because it was my subs that broke it, they said they'd only pay a professional or safelite, upon inspection the adjusters said he knew what really happened but he couldn't not prove it so safelite came and replaced it a couple hours later
  8. Going to my friend's family's condo at Smugg's week of MLK for the first and unfortuantely last time, I've never been able to go the past 5 years because of work, he got married and had a kid this year so its gonna be the last of the drinking/drug/ski/board/binge 🙁
  9. WTF I got one in CT in 05, even worse was my friend driving got arrested and they let me drive the car after giving me the ticket and leaving the beer in the cup holder, oh wait, I wasn't 21 maybe that's why I Got the ticket
  10. Yea it's a federal law(unless you're a passenger in a livery car) just like the legal drinking age, just like the legal limit
  11. All my neighbors with hot wives worry about how big my dick is
  12. Pretty sure that's the general consensus, ECU tunability is the hold back.
  13. He said he took the inflatable out there, so no slip, I forget the word but it seems more like one of those marinas which are really just a bunch of sailboats anchored in a such a way that they "prob won't" collide in the even of a storm.
  14. Def doing it for Carlisle at the very least
  15. That's all I needed to hear, so next question is it illegal to wrap the 40 in Swedish police vinyl with a blue light bar on the roof?
  16. I mean I eat the pussy, I EAT THE PUSSY
  17. So are these constant problems or are there replacement parts that can prevent issues?
  18. Well this thing is just gonna be a daily, I was looking at XS's originally but when I saw the XTs were also well within my price range the turbo bug started biting. You know if the NAs are as problematic with the oil? A lot of the ones I've seen make a point to say the head gaskets were done and that both diff fluids were changed.