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  1. Got my R out of mothballs last weekend:
  2. Wanna do mine next? I can drop it off any time. :P That really looks great, I can't believe how far this has come since you first bought it.
  3. Just bought this. It's a 2006 T5 AWD M66 with only 102K on the clock. I really like it but it'll probably be the first Volvo I lower-the wheel gap is worse than my XC.
  4. That seal is the worst. When I replaced the oil cooler hoses in my XC I had to R&R the thermostat several times to try and get it lined up correctly, and I never really got it in there well enough that it didn't leak. I eventually replaced the thermostat with one from a junkyard car because the original was making noise at startup. When I pulled the JY unit, the seal stayed stuck to it so I left it alone, installed it as-is, and it hasn't leaked since. Kinda hokey, but it worked. :D It does seem like the replacements for that seal are oversized, even from the dealer.
  5. Glad you got the leak fixed-which valve spring compressor did you use? I'm planning to replace the stem seals in my XC at the same time I do the timing belt but I haven't gotten a compressor yet.
  6. Yep, doing it on an AWD car is a pain without a lift. I replaced the rack in my XC last winter with the car on jack stands and it sucked. Replacing it might be easier in a FWD car since there's not as much stuff in the way. Sorry to read you had so much trouble Andy.
  7. Sounds great! The smoking could also be valve stem seals, unfortunately.
  8. Finished installing a new VVT hub in my R last night since the old one was rattling on hot starts. I can't imagine it was working very well since it was full of varnish:
  9. The 2000 R mufflers have a nice tone compared to the '98-'99 style. If you'd snagged my car you wouldn't have had to touch the exhaust! Glad you found a car you're happy with-having his and hers Saffs is pretty cool.
  10. I snagged some during the IPD sale a couple weeks ago.
  11. They actually look pretty good with that color-where'd you find a set? I put new headlight wiper arms, covers, and blades on my R today since the passenger side arm fell apart a couple days before Carlisle.
  12. Sorry Timo. Not a good week so far for the MWC so far-I started driving to work this morning and heard a "thump thump thump" from the rear. Lo and behold: