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  1. Very nice. Are those rsf5's? What size spacers your running?
  2. Replaced the wheel bearing that failed on me with no warning on my way home this morning. axle nut was the only thing holding it on
  3. Anyone else notice that the tunes are no longer available on snabb?
  4. 5mm for return line. A regular hex key worked fine for me. 10 mm for center clamp. New vacuum lines if you think they're needed. I left the return line on the turbo because its a pain to get to. Make sure you clock it right or tue return line will leak. New inlet coolant hose while you are in there.
  5. last wash before headgasket
  6. yeah i just looked as well, thanks anyways though. Is this something i can just get at a hardware store? Anyone know the sizes off hand?
  7. just need the small stuff, anyone know about some copper crush washers for turbo lines? i read about them somewhere but i cant find them on fcp, thanks
  8. Red s70 with 6 - 8k hids on west stone drive in kingsport tn
  9. sorry how stupid of me. that was not finished lol. definetely not faster on a manual
  10. nice. think it would have been faster on a manual mill
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