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  1. Hey guys thought I'd touch base since I know I've been away from the forums and haven't posted up much in a while There's alot of press lately around ARD Tuning good, bad, and otherwise but I thought I'd at least address any concerns you guys might have. As far as other forums, most of them require vendor fees before you can post up and in most cases (Volvospeed aside) the cost just doesn't pencil out so we're not able to post up about any products or services. With that said I'm happy to answer any questions around our parts or tuning and my email is always a good way to contact me.
  2. It's called a Zener diode. but easier to delete in the software :)
  3. Rarest accessory... Gotta be s80 protection package for executives. Only seen two ever.
  4. Man I got 3 more years then! Dang, I feel old... does that count?
  5. Is you is or is you ain't my constituents?
  6. The -1 is likely from folks who already are aware this product is intended for 850/70 series from 1994-1998 at the moment. 1999+ Model tuning will be ready later this summer toward the start of fall. I'll keep you in mind when that time comes! Mad Matt has both his original ST tune and an ARD Blue and I believe he intends to dyno in the near future so perhaps that will help in getting some further data out there around ARD tunes. Thanks guys!
  7. Cables are now in stock, granted we just got a quick batch of 10 in and the remainder of our order is a few weeks out. Software is the final piece of the puzzle and we've got a good start on the final version. I'll be posting up screen shots for input monday next week. As for options, datalogging, diagnostics, etc.. may all be future modules that can be added but to start this will be simply a loader so you don't have to send your ECU back and forth anymore!
  8. Ché is correct, Each ECU is coded to the software that we create for it. So each ECU and each iteration of software are matched and cannot be used with any other ECU or software package.
  9. Thanks so much for the kinds words all! I can address the question on Me7 tuning software in another thread since that is a bit of a different beast in regard to the ARDVARC for 1994-1998 models. Thanks again to Che for hounding me for a press release JK I'll be posting up with weekly updates on product and software development.
  10. Did some pulls on the dyno today before and after with SNABB intake, surprising results. With some adjustments made in the midrange we pulled in another 12whp! Great products.

  11. :LOL: Close... Active Research & Development

  12. Arnold Research & Design?

  13. Some of the earlier 850's didn't actually use the SAS system components that later cars got. Non turbos for certain, so for wiring those up you go direct to the pump relay control vs. the valve relay control. when I first put this together for my wifes car, her's is the earlier non turbo style so you go straight to the pump for your 'turn on' signal. Later models with the sas valve use that signal for 'turn on'.