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  1. Time to huff paint and watchTokyo Drift... at least thats what my neighbors must think.
  2. some frames with pictures and some dope glow sticks
  3. The Cintiq (wall mounted display) is my drawing monitor, touch pen display. The two ACD's are generally for doing 3D cad, code, and multitasking email / web although i do have them on an HDMI switch box for 360 and PS3 for the occasional "break away research" games. Thanks Big desktop edition...
  4. Finally got my wall mount in to complete my custom closet desk setup. Lets my cintiq take lap duty when its needed.
  5. It appears to be holding up well, but Is the plasti-dip around your license plate bubbling?
  6. That looks gorgeous! very well done! for some reason i think the 850's look so much better with the exhaust surroundings color matched.
  7. At the office briefly, then hopefully A BATH!
  8. Somebody snapped these from Ikea CT on Sunday i'm pretty sure it was Jack. Was bummed that i had to leave early, but had a boat i needed to get on a trailer and winterized. Thats about as far as i can stretch summer... time to let winter mode commence.
  9. i want to photo our cars together when ever i muster a trip up to canada, or you for some reason head south.
  10. ^ Every time i see this car it makes me want an 850 again.
  11. Lookin great dude! When are you back in RI?
  12. Is that Plasti-dip blaze?
  13. Thats devastating dude im so sorry to hear and see that. You guys definitely got the brunt of the Sandy, i couldn't believe it was the same storm when i saw the aftermath on the news. Hope your house is alright, but glad to hear you are safe.
  14. Took these overly saturated phone pics recently at the cape, wont be to many of these days left before i switch the car to winter mode. Mounted the Thule Pod, played with some plasti-dip rear bumper (loading trim) tail lights silly fender stripes wasn't really feeling the black so i traded it for a silver one, same box. still contemplating if i am going to paint something fun on it.