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  1. Good to hear, thanks for the insight there. I don't mind a stiff pedal at all so it's perfect for me there. You're a tuner so I probably don't even have to ask about power right? Chances are you're making more than me lol!
  2. Nice build! Hows that clutch setup holding up? Considering doing the same to my S60R... Oh and how much did the machine shop charge to re-pin for the 707?
  3. Put a nice minty bumper and grill on today after installing Snabb's FMIC last week.
  4. They need to put that interior and tech into the coupe concept and sell it! With a manual trans I'd want one
  5. Well first of all, you should DEF keep them But isn't a moneygram cash? Like don't you go there (western union right?) and literally get handed hundred dollar bills? Cause if so it'd be even safer than paypal right, cash in hand can't be a scam, but maybe I'm wrong about how it works...
  6. Wanna buy the hedge trimmer attachment for that? I've got one in great shape
  7. Wow, those are awesome! My system consists of a Yamaha receiver/preamp, Adcom GFA7605, Energy Connoisseur C-4 tower, and a Velodyne DLS-R sub.
  8. It was over a year ago but I believe I got my copy from those pirates by the bay... Free of charge! I use it with a $14 usb vagcom cable off ebay, works great
  9. I heard a guest speaker from Consumer Reports auto testing division at a car club meeting, it was a few years ago so the details are fuzzy but I remember he didn't seem to know much about how cars actually work, definitely not a car guy, and I remember thinking how can someone who isn't into cars be reviewing cars. So it doesn't surprise me that they are so boring, no points for soul as you put it. There are definitely better mags for car reviews, I like the british one simply named "CAR magazine"
  10. Dammit knew I shoulda taken mine off the C70 before I sold it (went to a non enthusiast who wouldn't have noticed)
  11. Interesting... Hmm did you get a look at the color code plate in the engine bay to be sure?
  12. What makes you so sure of that? I've never seen confirmed evidence of one that isn't a respray....