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  1. Test prints before I get them printed out on good paper, I couldn't find what I wanted else-ware so I made them myself. Looks like I need to tweak the colors a little...
  2. I guess technically it wasn't today, it's the last thing I did to it though.
  3. Just got mine cut. Dealer charged me $5 and it works perfectly.
  4. When I ordered it I think I decided I liked the 3 button more and my thought was that I've never used a panic button in my life. I used a sharp box cutter razor blade and then shaved of a little at a time from one corner. The chip for my '99 looked like this and it's located here Once you get to this point, the chip will slide right out.
  5. I picked up one of the three button remotes from some place in China. All the guts of my remote swapped perfectly over (no panic button though) I also cut apart one of the two keys I have to extract the chip, which then slid perfectly into a slot in the new flip remote. To replace the battery I will need to disassemble the remote, but really, I think it's one screw, so it doesn't bother me. Going over to try and get it cut today.
  6. Old rubber hoses were mushy. These are from FCP, fit wasn't bad at all, I'm happy with them.
  7. Showed up a little early for a local Volvo gathering
  8. CZs are excellent, one of the best feeling guns I've ever shot.
  9. I didn't want to derail this thread, maybe we move this conversation into the other gun debate thread?
  10. I'm on a roll, post in all the OT threads! A cruiser I built up for taking the dog around the neighborhood And my single speed for the occasional ride into work, bone stock fresh out of the box. (not fixed, coaster brake FTW) I worked at a bike shop for 4 years when I was younger, but I stopped dumping a lot of money into bike builds once I got into cars.
  11. I see that the bike pic thread is for bicyles only. I searched but didn't see a motorcycle thread. Do any of you ride motorcycles? Lets see yours. Mine: 1974 BMW R90/6 It's kind of a beater, but it's a blast to ride. This is an in progress picture while I was shortening the seat cowl. My old 855 peeking out.
  12. haha, oh well. Who is the resident hippie? lol I did see that thread. I like guns but not enough to argue about them over the internet with people. Maybe this is more his/her style, hippies and VW's go together right? Another recent purchase, new car for my wife. 2014 VW Jetta. Nothing too amazing, but it'll be nice to have a car that I don't need to worry about for a long while.
  13. kalvin those wheels are rad, a bit out of my price range though.
  14. First drive after the head gasket, begging for new wheels and tires.