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  1. Wow this sucks bro. Might as well replace all of your rods with something that's not OEM.
  2. Ya'll better *heart* my old car!
  3. Greg, what is your intention with this car? Classic restory? B230FT swap?
  4. Iraq was never an Islamic state. Iraq was one of the only secular governments in the area.
  5. I was a responsible drinker when I was underage. I would NEVER drink and drive (and still don't today) or drink to the point of getting sick. I think that underage drinking is only a problem because the law makes it so desireable. People want what they can't have.
  6. I wonder how many people here have actually been to Cuba. I studied there for ~1 month when I was in high school and it was an eye opener. I feel that I understand the Cuban people relatively well. They hold their education higher than we do for sure and not one person in that country is illiterate. If the USA had the ammount of literate people that Cuba does, I think our country would be a great place with a good reputation. I see a lot of ethnocentrism in this thread, and that's perfectly normal. Cubans are very ethnocentric themselves... Hell, everyone is ethnocentric, but I urge you to try and understand it instead of hating it. The Cuban people love American's, but our governments clash. I do not see the difference between Cuba errecting that sign and how our president calls this war in Iraq "good vs evil." Bush's religious war is not at all just and it continues to get worse. Keep on supporting it if you want to, anger is just insecurity showing itself off. The whole world sees this, how come most people in our own country can't? You do realize that Bush has caused a huge job loss too, right? It's not only the illegal aliens that come into this country and work for less. Hell, Bush somewhat supported it anyway to get their votes. Face it guys, the US isn't always right. Infact we've been wrong for a long time now.