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  1. wtf? yes it is still for sale so you should buy it :P
  2. i agree with greg.... not dissin you or nothing... its gonna be bad ass when you get all the kinks out... that sucks about the k24 but now you can get something stronger
  3. i dont know what your talking about..... im in the 13's on all stock shit...
  4. yea kito's shop is cool but they really disapointed me when they f-ed up on my clucth and then wouldnt take a lil off the bill... i didnt like the way he handled me there... but good luck with the tuning and lets see that bitch sideways already :)
  5. yea man you should come too if you want
  6. dope dude! u should come buy tonight.. peps are coming buy later... and congrats on getting it running
  7. better call me when your ready to fire this up brian
  8. frist thing that came to my mind :)
  9. we should have a meet at kevins new work... it would draw attiontion the place :)
  10. yup just tying to dumb the world up so i seem smarter
  11. its like a generation 3000 bumper (furtureish) there for "transformer" what does it turn it to? :)
  12. your new car name is now "transfromers"
  13. alright f-ers heres the price.... im asking, again asking 12,000 s it is talkable so PM me
  14. one of you can get kevins and one of you can buy mine