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  1. wow... who got hold of jackies SN
  2. im not broad with it at all... just want to say money... and mine is quite a bit cheaper then kevins... 206-919-5975 S70r_t5@hotmail.com
  3. im joining them soon!... i might be working out a trade deal with one of them now
  4. T-bricks guys are lookin at this car now!!! i would love to see it go to a VS'er!
  5. whos faster? besides keivns dad... which he was 13.99 and i was 14.007 and since then i have added a new clutch and EBC and new tires
  6. yup... wooops.. any way hey buy my CAR!
  7. bump.... e-mail is S70r_t5@hotmail.com number is 206-919-5975
  8. im still gonna be in a volvo p.s. again my number is 206-919-5975
  9. bump.. need to sell soon.. found my replacment car already!!!
  10. no but its pretty good price for a mid-high 13 sec car... again pm me for price
  11. brian if you really want my car call me... im not going that low for it sorry homie
  12. i took it off the market for awhile... and i had the idea to sell before i knew about kevins car.... its just time to save money
  13. then why even ask, not like you would fallow though
  14. haha im sure they will love it
  15. thanks brain and carson for postin some mods.... i plan on going to the track soon to get a mid 13 sec time slip just to prove to the buyer and myself that the car is in fact a mid 13 sec car.. i really want a 142 but that 145 does look pretty nice... PM me if you want to know the price
  16. well im going home now from work... so wont be buy a computer so if need be any one who is really interstead can call me 206-919-5975
  17. yea its nice and fun.... but i dont want the payments
  18. not unless you have a nice 142 or 242 or 245... pm me for price
  19. yea i kinda forgot there was a for sale forum.. yes im selling my car too... need to save money in the long run so i want to get rid of the payments... everything comes on the car. yes even the duke of hazard horns if you want.. last time at the track I ran a 14.0 but since then i added a EBC, new tires and a new clutch, its a lot faster then it was so im thinkin 13.6-7 we'll see... PM me if interested
  20. ahahh... and wait till i get a new clutch in the 544 now.. we'll ghostdift the whip together