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  1. Glad to hear all went well now.............thumbs up!
  2. im on MT90 too, so far so good... very hard to get Royal Purple here. Boxpin, i'm installing my 707 and 6 pucks soon, anything special that i need to be aware off? i will be using new release bearing. thank you
  3. We will see when everything is bolted up and tested, it wont be my DD, just weekend car, see how. was thinking the same direction as you if its not manageable, possibility of going with 707 PP and R disk. but i want to try it first. gbox on ground??? what happened?
  4. Boxpin, Thank you, * a bit worried now, will be running the same set up.... and being not that young anymore.......we will see.
  5. Boxpin, Kindly comments on your Sachs 707 and Clutchnet 6 pucks combo please. Im following this thread very closely... Thank you
  6. why nobody tried the clutchnet pressure plates? any good ? Aaron.... same modifications as 707? sorry Boxpin, i have no intention of hijacking your thread, but im building something similar, and im watching you...
  7. Boxpin, Just want to double check with you, the Clutchnet 6 puck part number is - 6BS21131? and any link where you get your Sachs 707? thank you Aaron, you know where im heading right?....