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  1. I live in Fl. That all that's been in the news lately. I have belonged to the NRA in the past, may sign up again. I own an AR-15, and 2 hand guns. Others were stolen when broken into 2 yrs ago. I have a concealed carry permit, and I do carry. I have no problem with raising the age limit, and raising the waiting time. But that will not make any difference in school shootings. The kid in south Fl had the gun long before hand. It was even locked up in a gun safe. My son is a teacher. He has a carry permit, and owns guns like mine. I would have no problem with him carrying at school. Everyone seems to think they will make all teachers carry. That's wrong. Only a select few that want to, and are qualified to. Law enforcement will never be there when the shooter is active, they will be the first to tell you that. It is my responsibility to protect my family and myself. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is with a good guy with a gun.
  2. I assume you're measuring 30V AC at the battery with the engine running. You should have less than 1 V AC ripple if I remember right. Take the drive belt off the alternator and recheck. May have a bad diode. The battery acts as a large capacitor and smooths out most normal alternator ripple. Rod
  3. I think everyone has their own definition of right and wrong. You can see that in all the responses so far. It can be based on many things. Some are based in their own experiences, things they've read or heard or seen. That foundation reflects in how you view the world. I believe that the Bible was written by God for all of us. My views, that I mentioned earlier, come from that viewpoint. As mentioned in that video, homosexuality is no worse that drunkenness, lying, murder, etc. They are all sin. Have you noticed that everyone seems to have a inner sense of right and wrong. Where did that come from? For those that believe in the "Big Bang", maybe a piece of cosmic dust got mixed into the first cell. How can a few inert particles lead to a moral compass? I believe that God put it in us when we were created. Makes sense, since my views are based on my understanding of the Bible. I can't force my views on anyone, nor should I. Not my kids, or friends. Everyone has to decide for themselves, what they believe, and why. But I like that we can talk about it.
  4. I think the reason it seems blurry to you, is that some of your basic assumptions are wrong. You have bought into the idea that "Some are born gay", as everyone is taught in public schools today. I went thru public schools many years ago, it wasn't taught then, I wonder what changed in 20 years? I believe that being gay is a choice that you make, the same with transgenders. I dont believe that you are an alcoholic because you have a disease, but because you choose to drink. I have friends that have a tendency towards addictive behaviors, but it is still their choice to abuse drugs or alcohol. Moral absolutes have been thrown out the window, so everyone can feel ok with what they choose to do.
  5. Sorry, I wont be able to log it for you. My house was just broken into, and the laptop was one of the things stolen.
  6. I might be able to get one for an auto. Just load the .ADX in Tuner pro and record?
  7. Wow! I need to check my 18 yr old intercooler to see if all that oil wore it out. Maybe we should let Volvo know about this.
  8. Met up with a 16 Impala on the way to work Sat.
  9. Engine has to be running and OBDII has to be turned on.
  10. I'm sure Volvo dyno tuned and did much on-road testing. I doubt they tuned for max power in all spots on the map, but more for smoother power during normal driving. My thought was cylinder filling efficiency changes at different RPM and Loads due to intake and exhaust runner lengths and diameters, and from the cam specs. Changing manifolds, etc. would probably need a major change in mapping.
  11. It sounds like it's still in programming mode. ( Fan runs and car wont start ) Make sure ECM pin B8 is not connected to +12V Rod
  12. ​Post numbers seem to be non-existent now. ​Thanks for your help!
  13. ​Forgot about the Wikia, but that link goes to the second page of the thread . Which doesnt help. Probably have to recheck all the links on the Wikia.
  14. Hopefully, someone can help. I cant find the link to Razorx's spreadsheet. And the search option doesn;t work yet.
  15. 100% agreed, looking forward to using Raxorx's spreadsheet!
  16. After a reflash on my car, it tends to overboost for a short time till I drive it like recommended by IPD. I don't turn off the engine and wait, I figured how could the ECM learn when its turned off, but the relearning process helps mine
  17. I believe the boot pin voltage is just a signal to the bootloader. Usually the EEPROM is what needs the higher voltage to be able to program. Not sure what pin that would be that powers EEPROM
  18. Bits 0,1,2,5,6 are set (equals 103) 0,1,2 show knock control enabled bit 5 means WOT detected bit 7 means overcharge protection disabled due to low intake air temp Rod