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  1. So whats the Deal with secret Santa this year??
  2. Replaced my blower motor after it grenaded. I say 21 years was a good run.
  3. Andy could you get me a shipping quote to MY-AM-MEE (33157) Please?
  4. Not to thread jack but, Is this a software mod for the A/C of the 4.3 so there is no need to open up and solider anymore?
  5. To help deal with my woodrose problem
  6. Ready for a plot twist... I just found out exactly what it is... Hawaiian wood rose.
  7. Could be, I was told hops by one of the county guys but they are wrong a lot. This shit is horrible. Im actually thinking about using a roofing torch to burn it **edit Definitely not kudzu the foliage is way different
  8. If only I could. I've tried numerous herbicides including garlon. Nothing works.
  9. Does anybody know a way to kill Japanese hops? My neighbor refuses to clean up his yard and now that shit has found its way into my yard. It's all up the back of my garage. We cut it and pull it down but that shit grows like a foot a day.
  10. Bumped a almost year old thread to post dumb shit
  11. Trump University 🎓
  12. That would be a dream cum true for you, wouldn't it beebs