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  1. Important Site Information

    Nah its ecc, it was in our server spares drawer in the LAN room I found 3 more packs of 32GB today. They were for the R710's we no longer have. Have a couple 8 TB drives also but I have to make sure they have no data on them.
  2. It Came, it actually CAME!!!!   yes my desk is a mess
  3. Important Site Information

    Will 32GB of this work? Specifications   Mfr Part Number: HMT41GR7AFR4C-RD Type: DDR3 Capacity: 8 GB Speed: PC3-14900 1866MHz Size & Bit: 1G x 72 Pins: 240pin ECC: Yes Registered: Yes Chip: Hynix Single Rank x4 CL 13, 1.5V       If it will work PM me your address and Ill overnight them to you
  4. Important Site Information

    What kind of Ram are you looking for? I may have some spares in my Lan-Room
  5. Off Topic: The Thread

    Im able to toggle on and off      
  6. Off Topic: The Thread

    Thanks for the false hope Obama....    i thought You were going to be like " fly up to NY and ill train you on how to be a Master crestron programmer and shit"
  7. Dude i need that to cut down this shit orchid tree in my back yard.
  8. Off Topic: The Thread

    Everything!!   But mainly is there a way to view the configuration of a spz file so i can copy the attributes to a new file I can edit? The programmer AIG used for our systems went belly up and now I have to add apple TV and the lync interface to the system and touch panel. I suck at programming and with our expense hold I'm not allowed to hire another contractor to write a new file for us. 
  9. Non Car Photography Thread

    Thats a great price! Im going to evaluate the finances and see when i can do it.. I do want it but if I drop 7 bills today I think the wife would be kinda pissed LOL Ill get with you when I have the cash and see if its still available, but by no means hold it
  10. Non Car Photography Thread

    What are you looking to get for the 28-300?
  11. Off Topic: The Thread

    Anyone have any experience with Crestron programming?
  12. Secret Santa 2015

    This does not make me happy.
  13. Non Car Photography Thread

    yeah I know, i just loves the laugh... It sucks, I wish I didnt have the 24-120 on the camera at the time. That lens Blows donkey balls in low light. While your here let me ask you a question as you are a Pro... All around mid range zoom, 18-200 VR?
  14. Secret Santa 2015

    1. Patrick - FaultyPiston2 - size small  2. Mat - MattyXXL - 6 months or 3T 3. Michael - RBoy8 - youth L/XL 4. Kevin - Kevin. - Regular L  5. Matt - mattb - medium/large 6. Timo - Timbo Slice - Medium 7. Jon - Survolvo - L/XL 8. Erik - L 9. Tiberio - Tizio, medium?/L 10. Shackman - Shack Man XL 11. Brandon - Volvoskiah- N/A 12. Kalvin - kalvin - M 13. AJ - Honeyman - XL 14. Adam - Oreo931 - L 15. Greg - gmsgltr - L (Panties size M tho) 16. Warren - theForgottenone - Medium 17. Anthony - apeacock - XL    Fixed the list..   Anthony, You need to be a supporting member by the time it closes.
  15. Secret Santa 2015

    So when are we closing this? I would like to ship to whom ever I get right after thanksgiving   If John isnt available, Ill help you out Pat and we can do this!