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  1. 2-1-2 Error Recurring

    What port are you pulling that from? Im assuming A2, but here is what 212 means on all the ports that can pull a 212. A1 S2 solenoid short circuit to battery A2 its an o2 code (they dont like off brand o2 sensors, id replace it with bosch) A3 Right front wheel sensor, no signal on moving off B1 Driver’s side damper motor position sensor shorted to earth B2 Malfunction in the circuit to the vacuum pump or regulator B5 Drivers airbag open circuit   As stated the A2 is my guess that your referring to, check the wiring and make sure everything is seated correctly, NO DiElectric grease and when all else fails replace it with a bosch sensor these cars hate aftermarket sensors
  2. 850 euro corners

    Found a set..
  3. Ok let me know, Im interested.. Does it contain EGR? Mine is gone so if it has EGR i wont be able to use it.
  4. What would you want for the bsr? 
  5. Off Topic: The Thread

    Nope..... got to love Florida, well Miami specifically.  half of the guys I know who came over here from cuba have the same name "Juan" on their licenses, but only one of them is really named Juan LMAO
  6. Off Topic: The Thread

    try Cuban's who only ridden a donkey before coming to the US.. I literally have had people tell me they never driven, just a horse or a donkey. But when they get processed they are asked if they have a drivers license in cuba, they all say yes. they get a paper handed to them to take the written test in spanish (which they can do online) and boom.... drivers license    
  7. Off Topic: The Thread

    I found a $20 the other day in the parking lot, Bought 1 ticket for $2 and put the $18 in the car fund
  8. Sounds like a herpes ad
  9. Colin, you should email Tony....   He will be able to make you an 875 and the T-10k badge to match perfectly
  10. Secret Santa 2015

    Wondering this also..... I got the want to do some santa in January..
  11. Jackson hole trumps all burger places  
  12. Off Topic: The Thread

    Wait what?  
  13. Kevin as of late  
  14. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Dude, you change and blow up cars more than you change your panties how am I supposed to know. I figured you had a chance to get one of the ugly shit boxes and did... Oh well