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  1. depends on the year and model. Yakazi clusters fail a lot more then the VDO clusters. If your OBD1 you can test the cluster IG switch could also cause some of the issues you describe
  2. and part numbers too please
  3. The D is so much more solid than the G (obviously its metal) but the function feels more solid. I actually bought it after the G because I liked the feel more.
  4. Technically they are always for sale. I have about 10 lenses to sell along with my D7100.
  5. Yeah Greg is..... The shift knob is cool too I have to remember who it was then.... Damn it I'm getting old... Is this how Gary feels all the time?
  6. Exhaust? I thought that was a hitch..
  7. I think Val wanted one, im fairly sure it was him that PM'ed me a while ago asking if I was selling mine... @FINN
  8. Too soon?
  9. Just means ill have the 85 1.8 af-s and the 85 1.8D for sale soon
  10. Just got the email, its shipping today........ Its finally an official purchase!
  11. What flash are you using? Are you able to manually configure it? If you want to do some cool stuff with flash check this book out One Flash!: Great Photography with Just One Light
  12. IF Any of our photography heads print your own photos and want some amazing photo papers check out Theysupply profiles for all their papers and the quality is top notch
  13. Bill, What If I were to have Alan and Phil come extract it for me?
  14. So whats the Deal with secret Santa this year??
  15. Replaced my blower motor after it grenaded. I say 21 years was a good run.