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  1. Off Topic: The Thread

    So is anyone on here having a kid or has had one in the last 3 months? We are cleaning out some of the boys things now that they are 3 1/2 and 2 and I found the set of red Volvo moccasins. they are brand new in the box. perfect for an upcoming winter to keep those baby feet warm
  2. Travis, The SS line will fit an 850? Your prolonged absence gets you second pick Justin
  3. Off Topic: The Thread

    All hunkered down for Irma...
  4. Off Topic: The Thread

    Anyone else have animation throw down installed?
  5. Im loving it.. Fast, great screen, really good cameras and the latest mobile radios so I have almost full bars everywhere I go. I used to have 1 to 2 bars in my house max, now 5 all around. There is a surprising small amount of bloatware which was easily removed, which was a big change from the bare-bone android of the Nexus 6. the curved corners on the screen are a nice touch and I love how its a flat screen unlike the pixel or S8, but you like the edge screen so the S8 may be better for you. so far its very comfortable and I am definitely happy with the purchase
  6. Dropped and shattered the screen on the nexus 6 after 3 years... The day I take the screen protector off to change it. So it was time to upgrade.
  7. Off Topic: The Thread

    Yeah I cant believe people are paying over $600 for that thing. If your going to dump that just save another month and get the IPD
  8. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Sounds like the beginnings of mikes rape date kit
  9. X70 Led Swap: The Thread

    Hi Corey
  10. Off Topic: The Thread

    Got a awesome email today!!.... I sent the info right over! US Federal Reserve Bank Corporate Office 33 Liberty St New York NY 10045, United States Our Ref:USFRB/IRU/SFE/15.5/NY/011 United States of America Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time(EDT) Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time(EDT) Federal Reserve Bank® Your payment files from three (3) different banks, Natwest Bank of London, Central Bank of Nigeria and Bank of America was compiled and submitted to my desk this morning for review. The total sum owed to you by the 3 banks mentioned above was sum up to the tune of US$15,500,000.00 (Fifteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars). Now the fund has been totally lodged in one particular Escrow account (non deductible) here in the Federal Reserve Bank New York on your name, while waiting for accreditation to your personal bank account in any part of the world. Meanwhile, after due scrutiny and verification, I confirmed that you have fulfilled all the necessary obligations that will enable the release of your payment to you, but yet your payment was not released to you due to one flimsy excuses or the other from the Bank officials in charge of your payment, because they had the intention of diverting your funds to their private accounts in order to satisfy their selfish interest. You are however lucky that we the management of the US Federal Reserve Bank detected their evil plans and therefore call for the submission of your payment file to us so we can personally handle the payment assignment to ensure that you receive your funds accordingly. Now, all modalities regarding your fund release has been put in place here in the Reserve Bank of America, thus, your funds has been made ready for transfer in our sophisticated macro transfer system, what we need from you now is to provide to us the bank account of your choice which you want us to transfer your funds so we can expedite action for the accreditation of your funds into your account immediately. Below are the information needed for now for your transfer. 1. Personal Details: Full Name: Current Address: Age/Gender: Occupation: Direct Mobile Number: Passport Copy, ID card or DL: 2. Banking Details: Bank Name: Bank Address: Account Name Account Number: Routing Number: Swift Code: Note: If you prefer to receive your funds in form of a Visa Card, we could load and ship your Visa Card to your address which will permit you a daily withdrawal limit of US$3000 or write a draft check which can be deposited in any bank and send to you. In anticipating for your urgent cooperation Yours sincerely, Mrs. Janet Louise Yellen Chair Of the Federal Reserve Bank Federal Reserve Bank New York Direct Phone No'+19292327390 Co-chief Operating Officer, Reserve Bank® Corporate Office, NY, New York,. Federal Reserve Bank, N.A. Member FDIC. © 2017 Federal Reserve Bank Corporation. All rights reserved. AR72768/DD6A66
  11. The D is so much more solid than the G (obviously its metal) but the function feels more solid. I actually bought it after the G because I liked the feel more.
  12. Technically they are always for sale. I have about 10 lenses to sell along with my D7100.
  13. How Your Car Sits

    Exhaust? I thought that was a hitch..
  14. 2016 Presidential Campaign

    Too soon?
  15. Just means ill have the 85 1.8 af-s and the 85 1.8D for sale soon