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  1. you guys are hilarious. and technically work is paying for it. i hope that doest void my post.
  2. i wondered what those kind of rims were called, someone was selling a set locally.
  3. i got those same wires. the first set i bought had two wires of the same length so i just had to run back and swap 'em out. people these days :rolleyes:
  4. Ok let's try this sleep thing one more time

  5. i promise there's no prize for 'liking' the most stupid stuff you can on facebook.

  6. oh, i agree. i usually go with, but i'm sure each site has something the other doesn't have. i always got a kick out of telling shops i didn't pay for shipping on a tire that was cheaper than what they were selling. they'd never believe me. i'd go elsewhere for rims, unless i needed something cheap for winter.
  7. you buy tires online or just rims? i've always had great success with tires purchased online.
  8. you can get the same size home in kc that you can get in minneapolis for about 2/3 the price. i'm aware of location. that has everything to do with what i do for a living. i'm just naive to where people live on here and what they do. i see a number and just compare it to my current location and think, holy stuff this dude must be rich!
  9. the value of my car fluctuates with the amount of fuel in the tank

  10. aha, yea d.c. is pricey. 300k is kinda steep, IMO. obviously your location has a big impact on the cost of your home... you can get a lot of house for 300k in the midwest.
  11. 300k for a home! must be nice... what do you do for a living to afford that?